Sunday, December 19, 2010

Training - week ending 12/19/2010

End of week 6, post fracture. This week was 95 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below) plus 25 minutes on the elliptical -- training log is here.  I had an intense training class that lasted from last Friday through this Wednesday, so my online activity was sharply limited for the past week -- hopefully I'll be catching up soon.

As for the foot, when I last saw my podiatrist on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, he told me that he wanted me to take the aircast off on December 15th, and to try a) walking with a normal shoe, and b) testing the foot on the elliptical. Per his orders, I took the aircast off for good this past Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were just practicing walking normally (it’s amazing how much my walking improves each day); on Friday, I started adding in the elliptical and arc-trainer, starting at very light resistance and short duration, and increasing a bit each day.

Over the coming weeks, my plan right now is to gently cut back the pool running mileage slightly (to about 80 “MPW”) while adding in some elliptical and “power walking” as my first steps towards running again. Of course, this all hinges on what the podiatrist says at my next appointment this coming Wednesday.


Monday: “15.5 miles” total. In the morning, “11 miles” – 1:35 hours pool running, including an “800s” workout of 10x3:00 at hard effort, with 1:00 recovery (went for 4:00 straight for the last), followed by full recovery and then 20 minutes at aerobic effort. In the evening, 45 minutes easy pool running for 4.5 more “miles”.

Tuesday: In the morning, “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool-running. Strength training at night (medicine ball tosses – one of my favorites).

Wednesday: “12 miles” in the morning – 2 hours easy pool running. Pilates at night.

Thursday: “13.5 miles” - 2 hours pool running, including a tempo workout of 40 minutes at tempo effort, followed by full recovery, and then eight intervals of 90 seconds hard/60 seconds recovery. Very happy with the effort I sustained for the tempo. Ipod died within the first 30 seconds of the run, so I’m also pretty darn proud that I did the whole 2 hours sans music or company.

Friday: “12 miles” in the morning – 2 hours pool running; in the evening, 5 minutes on the elliptical plus upper body strength training.

Saturday: “18 miles” total in my “long run” – 2:35 hours structured as 10 repeats of 10 minutes easy/5 minutes at tempo effort. This workout is always a solid effort, and leaves me pleasantly tired for the balance of the day. Followed with some leg strengthwork and 5 minutes on the arc-trainer.

Sunday: Upper body strength training in the morning plus 15 minutes on the arc trainer. 2 hours pool running at easy effort for “12 miles” in the afternoon.

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