Sunday, February 13, 2011

Training log - Week ending 2/13/11

This week was 25 miles of “real running” and 91 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below) -- training log is here.

A good week, I think. I've been trying to be careful about coming back – a few examples.

- decision 1: I debated trying a track workout on Tuesday (in my defense, I was debating it, not certain I was going to do it). Coach nixed it, and it was the right choice. So this week, I did my tempo outside, but my "intervals" in the pool. Not as satisfying, but smarter.

- decision 2: on Wednesday, I felt my right calf tightening up (probably because it was 20 degrees outside). Not enough to stop me running, but enough that I would have second-guessed speedwork. So, instead of pushing through my schedule, I scrapped my planned yoga class for Wednesday evening, and got a sports massage instead. Right decision – calf felt great for Friday's tempo.

- decision 3: it was nasty cold on Friday morning (22 degrees), and I was still stiff and tight even after a 20 minute jog + strides and drills. So, I intentionally started my 3 mile tempo off pretty slowly. It worked out beautifully – I ended up running the tempo at the proper effort level, opening up a bit more each mile and finished feeling tired, but relaxed and strong. Great confidence boost – more so than last week, even if the pace was slower.

I just wonder why smart decisions are so easy to note in retrospect, but so hard to recognize at the time.


Monday: "12 miles” of easy pool-running – 2 hours.

Tuesday: In the morning, “14 miles” of pool-running, including a “track 800s workout” of 10x3:00 at hard effort, with 1:00 recovery, followed by full recovery, and then 30 minutes at aerobic effort.

In the evening, a weights session with a personal trainer, followed by 30 minutes easy pool-running for “3 more miles”.

Wednesday: In the morning, 7 miles of easy land-running outside (9:00 pace), followed by “7 miles” of easy pool-running – 70 minutes. In the evening, 30 minutes of easy pool-running post sports massage for "3 more miles".

Thursday: In the morning, upper body strength-training and then “12 miles” - 2 hours easy pool-running; in the evening, "4 more miles" – 40 minutes very easy pool-running.

Friday: In the morning, 5.5 miles on land. 2.25 miles warm-up, drills and strides, then a 3 mile tempo, starting slow (because it was 22 degrees and nobody felt warmed up) and opening up each mile (splits were 7:11, 6:45, 6:39, for average 6:52 pace). The whole thing felt very fluid and under control – huge confidence boost. Quarter-mile cool-down, then hopped in the pool for “7.5 more miles” – 1:15 easy pool-running.

Also did a Pilates class in the afternoon.

Saturday: "19.5 miles" as a “long run” of 2:50 hours in the pool, including 2:30 of alternating 5 minutes at tempo effort and 10 minutes easy. Followed with strength-training.

Sunday: In the morning, 12.5 miles outside as a long run (averaged 8:18 pace – we started slow and then opened up, finishing with two miles in 7:18 and 7:09); I followed with “9 miles” in the pool – 1:30 hours easy pool running.


  1. "I just wonder why smart decisions are so easy to note in retrospect, but so hard to recognize at the time." Too true! Good job on listening to your body and not pushing too hard this week! You are coming back so strong!

  2. Sounds like we all had that kind of week, though you made better decisions than we did :) Awesome job this week!

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