Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training log - Week ending 3/20/11

This week was 35 miles of “real running” and 80 “miles” pool running -- training log is here.

I felt very off for much of this week, which I attribute to a combination of post-race fatigue, allergies, and what I'll euphemistically call "female issues" (TMI, but need to be noted in the log because they REALLY knocked me for a loop this week, more than they normally do). So, intentionally toned down Tuesday's pool interval workout to what felt like 10K effort. By Friday's tempo, I was feeling almost OK. Even so, I opted to keep the tempo slower anyway, as I plan to do for the next few weeks.

Thing is, I know that a) my past training history indicates that I respond best to longer, slower tempos; b) I have been having issues with going out too fast in all my workouts and races; and c) I've fallen into the mental trap of trying to run each tempo faster than the previous -- not good. I have a bad habit with getting into a cycle where I redline my workouts instead of running them within myself. When I do this, I see great improvement for a few weeks, and then I burn out, or get sick, or get injured.

So, I'm breaking the cycle now, by giving myself a target time for the first mile of each tempo, and by deliberately keeping the effort below my anaerobic threshold, even if that means that some weeks I'm slower than others. Likewise with the longer progression run, where I'm trying to keep the pace to marathon pace or slower. As for interval workouts, I'll aim to run them controlled, with hopefully a slight cut-down in the pace for each repetition (though I reserve the right to redline the last one if I feel good).


Monday: In the morning, "12 miles" – 2 hours easy pool-running. Massage plus "2.5 more miles" of easy pool-running (25 minutes) in the evening.

Tuesday: In the morning, 4 miles easy outside on the track (8:48 pace) plus drills and strides, followed by "8.5 miles" of pool-running, including a "track workout" of 10x3:00 hard, 1:00 easy. Since I was feeling a bit off, I opted to keep the pool intervals at an easier effort than they normally would have been.

In the evening, a weights session with a personal trainer, followed by "3 miles" of easy pool-running (30 minutes).

Wednesday: In the morning, 10 miles outside at easy pace (8:42), followed by "7.5 miles” of easy pool-running (1:15 hours). Yoga class at night.

Thursday: In the morning, strength-training and then "12 miles" – 2 hours easy pool-running.

Friday: In the morning, 6.5 miles on the track, including a 2 mile warm-up, strides and drills, and then a 4.5 mile tempo at 6:49 pace, followed by "7.5 miles" of easy pool running (1:15 hours). Pilates class in the afternoon, plus some quick leg strengthwork.

Saturday: "13.5 miles" of easy pool-running (2:15 hours) in the morning. Light strength-training in the afternoon.

Sunday: 14 miles outside, done as a progression run (towpath+Rock Creek). Prescription was: first 1/3rd at marathon pace+1:30; second 1/3rd at marathon pace+0:45, and final 1/3 at marathon pace. 7:15 seemed like an appropriate MP for my running buddy and I, so we shot for 4 miles at 8:45, 4 miles at 8:00, and 4 miles at 7:15. Actual workout was 4 miles at 8:33, 4 miles at 7:40, and 5 miles at 7:12 (Gustavo dropped off at 12 miles, so I did an extra mile at pace and then cooled down to get to 14). So, we either ran the first 2/3rds too fast, or alternately we should have planned to run the final third at closer to 7:00 pace. Overall it felt like a good run -- I managed to keep the run solidly aerobic, without getting too close to my lactate threshold.

Followed with "13.5 miles" of easy pool-running (2:15 hours).


  1. The Goose is Loose! (sorry, old habit when referring to Gustavo) Great week as always Cris! I feel the allergies too this week, and on the TMI, that should be allowed to be noted. I used to plan races around it...

    I've felt surprisingly good all week, but I think it's only because I've started my taper for National.

  2. Hey, the "TMI" is a real affects training and racing. Way to recognize that you need to bring the tempos down a notch as well...I noticed that I was having the beginnings of getting tweaky and injured when I pushed beyond where I should be in speed work as a new runner.

  3. Great week, even though you felt off!

    I'm with you on the starting too fast. For national this weekend, I'm going to head out slower than I normally would and see what I can do to kill it at the end.

    Also, as for the female issues, I'm a disaster 24 hours before and 24 hours after the first moment. That was last year's national. Not pretty!