Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sequel: Yet another 7 WTF/Duh!/Huh? Moments/Observations About Pool Running.

(previous in the series: 7 WTF/Duh!Huh? Moments/Observations About Pool-running and  7 More WTF/Duh!/Huh? Moments/Observations About Pool-running)
  1. Swimmers are to pool-runners as bikers are to land-runners.
  2. There are few things as annoying to the dedicated pool-runner as a cross-current.
  3. The pool-running belt that won't stay tight is one of the few things more annoying than a cross-current.
  4. You will make some very good friends pool-running.  And you'll be shocked when you finally meet them on land, and realize that you are in fact very different heights.
  5. Key reason that pool-running is better than land-running -- nobody ever suggests that you carry your blackberry or cellphone with you while pool-running.
  6. If someone hits on you while you're pool-running, it's frustratingly hard to get away.  You really are trapped.
  7. Yes, it is possible to chafe while pool-running.  And bodyglide is much much less effective in the pool.


  1. Very entertaining, Cris. I was having the belt issue yesterday, UGH. And #1 is a very good analogy. :-)

  2. I like the part about different heights.