Sunday, September 11, 2011

Training log - Week ending 9/11/11

This week was 60 miles of “real running” and 13 “miles” pool running plus 2500m of swimming -- training log is here. Pretty good week despite our spate of rainforest weather (either heavy rain or 100% humidity), with three decent workouts. Next week will be a back-off, as I race the Philly Half on Sunday.

I’ve spent the last couple days logging my food and liquid intake to provide to the nutritionist that I retained to ensure that I’m eating everything I should. Wow. What a royal pain. I tend to eat a LOT, and it’s almost all mini-meals instead of 3 big ones, which makes for a LOT of different entries in the log. I also am not used at all to assessing serving sizes, so basically I’ve been measuring everything with a measuring cup. I’m done with the log after today, thank-deity-of-choice.

Poor woman who has to analyze it.


Monday: In the morning, upper body strengthwork, 1500m of swimming breathing drills, and 35 minutes of easy pool-running for “3.5 miles”. Stretching and foam-rolling at night.

Tuesday: In the morning, 11.5 miles on the track in great weather, including five mile repeats, each with half-distance recovery. I kept them solidly aerobic – starting at around 5K pace and working my way down, so I could get in as many as possible, due to my half-marathon/10 miler focus. Splits were 6:28, 6:22, 6:18, 6:18, 6:16. Was actually kinda hoping/dreading to do 6 (had been pacing myself to do that, as the posted workout said up to 5-6), but it became clear that my coach wasn’t letting anyone do more than 5. Followed with 10 minutes pool-running.

At night I took a “floor barre” class (basically ballet, but done on a mat rather than standing – it’s a core workout plus flexibility) followed by foam rolling.

Wednesday: 12.5 miles aerobic (8:06 pace) on a flat route (in the rain – fun!), plus drills and strides, followed by injury prevention exercises. Foam rolling and stretching at night.

Thursday: In the morning, upper body strengthwork, 1000m of swimming breathing drills, and 45 minutes of easy pool-running for “4.5 miles”. Stretching and foam-rolling at night.

Friday: In the morning, 11 miles, including a 4 mile track tempo in 27:27 for 6:55 pace (splits were 7:00/6:48/6:55/6:44). I’m not happy about the uneven splits, but on the whole I’ll take it. Conditions were tough (temp and dewpoint of 71), and I had to dig deep for this one. Followed with 20 minutes of easy pool-running for “2 miles”.
Pilates session plus foam rolling in evening.

Saturday: In the morning, an easy 8.5 miles outside (8:34 pace). Weight training plus stretching and foam rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday: In the morning, a long progression run of 16.5 miles. Averaged 7:59 pace for the whole thing, split as 8:56 pace for first two miles (very hilly), then 8:08 for next 6 miles (mild net uphill), then 7:41 pace for next 4 miles (mild net downhill), then 6:51 pace for final 2 miles (mild net downhill), followed by cool down jog of 2.5 hilly miles at 8:16 pace.

(I normally make my long runs progression all the way home, but I was concerned about the risk of injury from pushing the pace at the end of a long run through a series of rolling hills, some quite steep).

I’m pretty happy with this run – I finished feeling strong and with some energy remaining in the tank. Followed with 20 minutes of cool-down pool-running for “2 miles.” I’m hitting a restorative yoga class tonight, plus some foam rolling.


  1. Cool on the nutritionist, didn't know you were doing that (or read it previously and am now having a senior moment). Great run today, way strong! And that tempo was lovely even if not even, still excellent paces and that 71DP did not help you one iota. Most fabulous mile intervals too, picking it up as you went, what a great week all 'round!

  2. Fantastic week! I am so excited for your upcoming half!