Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training log - Week ending 1/30/11

End of week 12, post fracture. This week was 12 miles of “real running” and 80 “miles” pool running, plus 90 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes elliptical -- training log is here.

Whew – what a week. I had to travel to Chicago mid-week, just in time to have my Thursday morning return flight canceled due to a massive east coast snowstorm – this was a significant issue as a) my home doesn't always handle snow that well (meaning that I like to be there to operate pumps to prevent water damage), and b) I was scheduled to close on the refinancing of my mortgage on Friday morning (and my rate lock-in would expire, and I'd lose my super-spiffy new rate of 3.875%, if I didn't close on Friday).

Short version is: flight after flight got canceled on Wednesday night – I'd be woken up by an automated call from the airline, then spend 30-40 minutes on the phone/net rebooking, then sleep for about 15 minutes before being woken again for another cancellation. By 3:30 am local time, my flights (I was parallel booking on two airlines, since all penalties and change fees were waived) had both been pushed back to around 1 pm, and I was fairly certain neither of those would be leaving either. So I bought a ticket on the 7:30 am flight to Richmond, VA (about 100 miles from DC), figuring that once I was back on the east coast, I'd have expanded options for getting home (and I'd cancel the other fights upon landing in Richmond). Then I headed to O'Hare, got through security, and decided to kill the few hours before my Richmond flight by camping out at different gates to see if anything would work. As it turned out, I managed to get off of standby onto a 6:00 am flight to Dulles Airport, which I believe is one of the only flights from Chicago that made it to the greater Washington area that day. One 90 minute flight plus 70 minute cab ride and I was home. Exhausted, but home.

All of which is a long winded explanation for why I did NOT do a tempo pool-run on Thursday.

My trip to Chicago also meant that I missed my Wednesday “baby jog” and pool-run. There was no pool near the hotel open early enough to fit an pool-run in, and the great deal of walking I did made my foot achy enough that I decided it was smarter not to push the foot with a baby jog. I'm not crazy about missing the run, but sometimes that's life.


Monday: In the morning, I first did a “baby run” of 20 minutes, then a 1 minute walk break, before 10 more minutes, for a total of 3.5 miles. Then I hopped in the pool for “11 miles” pool running, including a “track 800s workout” of 10x3:00 at hard effort, with 1:00 recovery, followed by full recovery, and then 20 minutes at aerobic effort.

In the evening, a weights session with a personal trainer, followed by 30 minutes easy pool-running for “3 more miles”.

Tuesday: In the morning, “12.5 miles” – 2:05 hours easy pool-running. Lugged suitcase around airport in afternoon.

Wednesday: Due to travel plus achy foot, skipped run and pool run in favor of 90 minutes on the bike at easy effort, plus 30 minutes on the elliptical (trying to mimic good running form and pushing off of ball of foot). Spent Wednesday night on phone with United and American airlines travel reservations all night.

Thursday: In the morning, drag luggage around airports. In evening, “11 miles” - 1:50 hours in the pool (skipped my tempo – too exhausted), followed by upper body strength-training.

Friday: A “baby run” of 30 minutes straight (count as 3.5 miles – watch GPS was off). Followed by “10 miles” in the pool of easy aqua-jogging – 1:40 hours. Also did a Pilates class in the afternoon.

Saturday: “20.5 miles” – 3 hours pool running, including 2:30 of alternating 5 minutes at tempo effort and 10 minutes easy. Followed with upper body strength-training.

Sunday: An easy run of 40 minutes (8:17 pace, for just under 5 miles), followed by “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool running.


  1. Awesome week! You looked great this morning, and I'm very impressed that 817 is easy!

  2. considering that you had such a tough, stressful week, you did amazing, as usual!

  3. Amazing! Sounds like such a nightmare trying to get home from Chicago, but it's awesome that you still got so much training in!

  4. WOW. I am so jealous of your new low rate.