Sunday, January 9, 2011

Training - week ending 1/09/11

End of week 9, post fracture. This week was ~3 miles of “real running” and 96.5 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below) -- training log is here.

Foot feels better and better, with no achiness after running. The main issue right now appears to be my calves and feet, which clearly have lost a lot of strength. Even a bit over a mile of jogging leaves the calves very tight and painful – I have my work cut out in rebuilding those (I’ve been doing a lot of rehab-type strengthening exercises, as well as foamrolling/sticking/tennisballing the heck out of them).

The one thing that still causes achiness is biking, of all things. I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes easy on Wednesday, and decided to stop after 10 – the foot was aching more and more, even though I wasn’t putting pressure on it. Since I don’t really like biking anyway, this is not a major concern.


Monday: In the morning, “11 miles” – 1:35 hours pool running, including an “800s” workout of 10x3:00 at hard effort, with 1:00 recovery, followed by full recovery and then 25 minutes at aerobic effort. Prior to the pool run, I did a test-jog on the track summing up to a half mile of jogging.

In the evening, “5 miles” of aqua jogging - 50 minutes in the pool, plus a weights session with a personal trainer.

Tuesday: In the morning, “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool-running, plus leg strengthwork. In the evening “4 miles” – 40 minutes easy pool-running.

Wednesday: In the morning, “test-jogging” on the track summing up to a mile of jogging. Followed by “12 miles” in the pool – 2 hours of easy poolrunning. 10 minutes easy biking at night.

Thursday: In the morning, “14 miles” – 2:05 hours in the pool, including a tempo workout of 40 minutes at half-marathon effort. Full recovery, and then ten intervals of 90 seconds very hard/60 seconds recovery. Followed with leg strength training.

Friday: A “test run” on the track summing up to 1.25 miles of jogging, followed by “8.5 miles” in the pool of easy aqua-jogging (1:25 hours), and then upper body strength training.

Saturday: “18 miles” – 3 hours pool running, mostly easy, but with twelve intervals of 90 seconds very hard/60 seconds recovery.

Sunday: “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool running (was going to do 1:45, and then just kept going)


  1. I'm amazed you can do 100 miles/week in the pool. I don't have the patience to do half that! You are going to be in amazing shape once you get your foot/lower leg strength back! Here's to healing fast.

  2. Great week, you are so focused! I agree with Jessica, you are going to be burning it up on your return!

  3. It was fun pool running with you today! Great job on hitting the 2 hour mark!