Sunday, March 13, 2011

Training log - Week ending 3/13/11

This week was 29 miles of “real running” and 72 “miles” pool running -- training log is here.

Good week overall, but capped off by a meh race (report is here). Oh well. I take the lessons I've learned from it, and move on. After sulking a bit first.


Monday: "12 miles" – 2 hours easy pool-running.

Tuesday: In the morning, my first track intervals workout back. 2 miles easy warm-up; drills and strides; and then 6x800m with 400m jogging recovery – splits were 2:59, 3:00, 3:01, 3:00, 3:02, and 3:01. So right where I wanted them, with the exception of the first (ooops). Felt darn good to be out there, even if my form was breaking down at the end (definitely, 6 was the right number, no more). Followed with "7 miles" of easy pool-running (70 minutes).

In the evening, a weights session with a personal trainer, followed by fancy corporate dinner thing.

Wednesday: In the morning, "14 miles” of easy pool-running (2:20 hours). Yoga class at night.

Thursday: In the morning, 9 miles easy outside (8:33 pace), followed by strength-training and then "5.5 miles" easy pool-running (55 minutes). In the evening, "4.5 more miles" of easy pool-running – 45 minutes.

Friday: In the morning, 5.5 easy miles (8:45 pace) (met up with a group at the conference I attended for a "networking run"), followed by some strides, as well as "12 miles" of easy pool running (2 hours). Pilates class in the afternoon.

Saturday: "7.5 miles" of easy pool-running (1:15 hours).

Sunday: 3 mile warm-up, then 8K race in 33:55 (6:49 pace). Later "9.5" very easy miles pool-running (1:35 hours).


  1. Great week! You looked awesome on Tuesday and did great at the race, even if you went out faster than you expected. I'm debating on whether to run Van Metre this weekend or just hit our tempo run.

  2. Awesome week! And it was fun being at the track with you (and by with you I mean running waaaaaay behind you) on Tuesday!

  3. congrats on a great week, and a return to intervals! oh boy!