Monday, June 4, 2012

Training log -- Week ending 6/3/2012

This week was 33.5 miles of “real running” and 13 “miles” pool running, plus 3000 yards of swimming breathing drills -- training log is here.

Physical rest week. Whew. Glad that’s over.

Raced a mile on Monday, setting a major PR (report).  I then took 4 days off from running before doing the Race for the Cure 5K for the heck of it on Saturday. Race for the Cure was hilarious (make sure you read race report here).  So glad I did it.

So, what did I do during my days of rest?
  • Took two hot yoga classes (I enjoy them, but I find that they aren’t a good combination with running training – they interfere with recovery too much.  Normal vinyasa flow or restorative yoga is much better when training).
  • Played around with my swimming some. 
  • Got rid of a ton of clutter – like a pile 10 feet x 3 feet x 1.5 feet high.  It was mostly old text books, old power cords for devices I no longer have, and pots and pans I’ve never ever used. I now own one pot, to be used for hard boiling eggs. And that the only one I need. 
  • Got my iron tested, not because I’m worried I have an issue right now (heck, I just PR’d my mile), but because it makes sense to get a base line now. More on this in a post later. 

Monday: In the morning, a 3 mile warm-up plus drills and strides, and then a mile race in 5:31, followed by 4 mile cooldown. 40 minutes of easy poolrunning for “4 miles” in the afternoon.  

Tuesday: In the morning, injury prevention work plus 1750 yards of swimming breathing drills. Floor barre and foam rolling at night.  

Wednesday: In the morning, nothing (except major home decluttering and getting my iron checked). Later, foam rolling and stretching; hot yoga class at night.  

Thursday: In the morning, 45 minutes of easy poolrunning for “4.5 miles,” followed by strength training and injury prevention exercises. Also some foam rolling and stretching.  

Friday: In the morning, 1250 yards of swimming breathing drills plus 15 minutes of easy pool-running. Followed with injury prevention work. Foam-rolling and stretching in the afternoon.  

Saturday: In the morning, 11.5 miles, including a 5K "race" in 19:42. Later, did 15 minutes recovery pool-running.

Sunday: 14 miles progression (7:42 pace, split as 8:19 for first 3 miles, 7:50 for next 4, 7:23 for next 5, and final 2 at 6:53) followed by injury prevention work, foam rolling, and 15 minutes of recovery pool-running. Hot yoga in the afternoon.


  1. Phew. Ha. Your "physical rest week" cracks me up. I am proud of you though for taking some time off.

  2. Love the "race" in quotes. For most people, this "rest week" would be considered quite a load- but I know it's a lot less than what you typically do!