Sunday, October 14, 2012

Training log - Week ending 10/14/12

This week was 77 miles of “real running” and 16 “miles” pool running, no swimming breathing drills -- training log is here.  

The first half of this week was focused on recovery from my half-marathon, which I actually bounced back pretty quickly from – I’ll give equal credit to the fact that the course was flat and that higher weekly mileage makes for a quick recovery.    I also used the first part of this week to do a three day (Sunday-Tuesday) course of antibiotics to try to finally kick the bug I’ve been fighting for forever.  Essentially, the opinion of my ENT was that I’ve got a mild but persistent sinus infection, and it wasn’t going to clear without the drugs.  I hate antibiotics, but they’re a necessary evil in cases like this.  And this has gone on for well over a month.

So did the drugs, recovered from the race, and returned to training, with a focus now towards my marathon – this is my peak training time before taper.  Of course, I still have no idea what to target for for my marathon goal time.  My half last weekend was run in conditions that make it pretty much useless as a predictor (unless Philly’s like that….please no).  My workouts and shorter races point at certain times, but I know better than to use that.  

So, proposed 3:10 as a goal time to my coach, the idea being that it’s a conservative but not totally sandbagging time.  And I do want to be conservative, since a) it’s my first marathon and b) between the darn sinus infection and insane work demands, I haven’t had the best training fall.  And we decided that I could go out pacing for that time, and then re-evaluate after the half-way point whether it was too conservative and I needed to up.

Thus, I ran my long run this weekend trying to lock in 7:15 as my marathon pace, and it just felt wrong – way too easy (famous last words, perhaps?  I hope not).  In the end, I ended up running quicker, and still finished my long run feeling like I could have run another 5 miles at a faster pace without much issue.

While having MP feel really easy is a nice problem to have, it’s making me think that perhaps the MP I’m locking in is overly conservative and sandbagging.  Hmm.  I’ll wait a few days, and see how I feel after this long run, and then discuss with coach.   And far better to run these final long runs on the slow side then to practice an overambitious “MP” that I have little hope of actually sustaining on race day (and dig myself into a hole while doing so). 


Monday:   In the morning, 75 minutes of easy pool-running for “7.5 miles”.  2 very easy miles (8:33 pace) and foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 10 miles very easy (8:33 pace), followed by upper body strengthwork and injury prevention work. Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:   In the morning, 11.5 miles easy (8:23) followed by yoga.    Later did another 3.5 miles easy (7:54 pace).  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, upper body strengthwork and then 35 minutes of easy pool-running for “3.5 miles”  plus light injury prevention work.    4 miles easy (7:59 pace) in the afternoon, foam rolling at night.

Friday:  In the morning, 13.5 miles, including an 8K tempo in 32:09 (6:28 pace, split as 6:33, 6:29, 6:27, 6:22, and 6:15) followed by injury prevention work and 20 minutes of easy pool-running.  Pilates and foam rolling in the afternoon.

Saturday:   In the morning, 11 miles easy (7:55 pace).    Upper body strengthwork, injury prevention stuff, and foam rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday:   In the morning,  a long run of 21.5 miles, split as 7:56 for first 8 miles, 7:19 for next 5.5, 7:08 for last 8 (7:29 average pace).  Followed with injury prevention work and 30 minutes of easy pool-running.  Foam rolling at night.


  1. Great week of training!! I think you can set a 3:04:59 goal, you are in that shape to me, and you are better in longer races than in shorter ones! Keep on the great work!

  2. Even though I've done several marathons, finding that just right marathon pace is still a real challenge. Of course, I am also that person who one too many times has thought "this pace is great, I could do this forever" early in races of various distances, just to crash and burn a few miles later. In my opinion it never hurts to be on the conservative side during the first half. Better to have a sizeable negative split and know you can improve next time than to really suffer in the second half.

  3. I agree with Allison on the pacing thing. Also- I hate antibiotics, so I totally relate to not wanting to take them. Great to hear that you recovered so quickly from your half marathon. Nice week!