Sunday, January 6, 2019

Training log - Week ending 1/6/19

This week was 53 miles of running, 6 "miles" of pool-running, and 4000 yards of swimming.  Training log is here.

Another jumbled up week (this non-pattern is getting to be a pattern). 

I had decided not to race on New Years Eve, and racing on New Years Day was out due to New Years Eve social plans, so I did a tempo-esque workout on Monday.

As it turned out, good thing that I hadn't planned to race.  I felt fine on Monday morning, but by late afternoon it was clear I was coming down with something.  So Tuesday was spent in bed.  As I lamented to others - if I was going to feel this lousy on New Years Day, I'd like to have at least earned it.

The good news was that by Tuesday night, the ick was well on its way out - clearing as fast as it had hit.  I quarantined myself through Thursday morning anyways to make sure I didn't spread it (no gym, no massage, no yoga, no pool-running with others).  By Thursday afternoon I felt fine with no coughing/sneezing, so I reintroduced myself into society by stopping by the gym.

Of course, as I was afraid would happen, the head cold triggered an asthma flare.  This pretty much always happens - asthma is an overreaction by my body's immune system.  And when I get sick, that same immune system goes to work, meaning that I get better from the bug, but also that I end up with an asthma flare as a souvenir a few days later.  A nice package deal.

So it was back on the prednisone for a few days (two, to be exact).   I really hate going on prednisone - it gives me insomnia and does awful things to my bone density.  But when my asthma's flaring beyond the control of my normal inhaled drugs, there really is no other option.

At least this time, two days seemed to be enough to get me over the asthma inflammatory hump.  By the end of the weekend I was still coughing some (from the asthma, not the cold, which was long gone), but I know from experience that the cough will linger up to another week or so before fading away.  At least I was breathing better.


Monday: 12 miles, including a workout of 2 miles, ~1.5 miles, 1 mile at half-marathon effort.  2:00 recovery after the 2 mile; bathroom break plus 60 second recovery after the ~1.5.  Splits were 13:17 (6:43/6:34); 9:12 for 1.41 (6:31 and then 6:34 pace for the .41), and 6:30.  Also leg-strengthwork/injury prevention work and 1000 yards recovery swimming. 

Got sick that night, so forgot to foam roll.

Tuesday: Sick.  Nothing but foam rolling.

Wednesday: 8 miles very easy (9:14) and foam rolling.  

Thursday: 10 miles very easy (9:18) plus drills and strides.  Later ended quarantine and went to gym for upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday: 11 miles, including 7 Iwo Jima hill repeats (~2 minutes up; ~90 second recovery; ~30 second stride; ~60 second jog to bottom).  Also leg-strengthwork/injury prevention work and 1000 yards recovery swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Saturday: 4 "miles" pool-running in the morning.  Swimming drills clinic in afternoon (I counted as 1200 yards) plus 2 more "miles" pool-running and some upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling at night.

Sunday: 12 miles aerobic and slightly progressive - averaged 7:45 for the run, with most miles in the mid-7's.  Started with two easy miles at 9:25 and 8:33; ended with 2 hard miles at 6:59 and 6:54.   Also leg-strengthwork/injury prevention work and 800 yards recovery swimming.   Foam rolling at night.

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