Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Hot Chocolate commemorative edition).

a) I don't usually do blogger rituals.

b) I don't do "wordless" - I much prefer text to pictures (and often skip through posts where there's too many images).

That being said, I'll play sheep this week. And so...

picture 1:
On your left, the posted "Hot Chocolate 15K course", on your right, what we actually ran. 
Note a) the different finish line, and b) the additional loop at the bottom of National Harbor. 
So they took away distance, but they also added, and the mile markers were approximations.

Picture 2:

On the top, elevation; on the bottom, heart rate.  Note the nearly steady (slightly increasing) effort even with the elevation changes.

Pretty happy with that one.

Picture 3:

Post count at 72 hours post publishing time for race report -- 1500+ separate page views.  My little blog has upped its game.  I'd like to thank RAM RACING.  Couldn't have done it without you.


  1. I love this! Bring on more snark!

  2. Ditto Amy's comment! From all the chatter, I have a feeling RAM Racing will be filing Chapter 11 after they get through paying us all back in Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares! (pumpkin spice caramel @Dash, and eggnog-hold the nog @Darkwave, please!) :)

  3. haha, I tweeted your review and it got re-tweeted at least 3 times. Love the snark!!

  4. If this means you ignore all the ass pictures I post, I'm going to be very, very sad.

  5. Your race report was awesome. I posted it to my FB page and got you a few views! ;-) I don't do "wordless" either. Words are good.