Sunday, November 14, 2010

Training - week ending 11/14/2010

This week was 82 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below) -- training log is here.  First full week of no running;  11 to go.  I managed to ditch the crutches this week, and it’s weird how good the foot feels – no pain to the touch, and no pain in the aircast.  I’m hoping these are good signs.

Per discussions with my coach, I am doing 80 “miles” per week pool running, including an “interval workout”, a “tempo”, and a “long run” each week, plus easy “mileage” on the other days.  Fortunately, my coach encourages all of his runners to incorporate a lot of pool running, injured or not, so I have no shortage of pool running buddies, which is huge.  Saturday’s “long run” was made much easier by a friend appearing for the final hour to pace me through.

General notes

I’m doing exclusively pool running right now, and converting into “mileage” with this formula:
1)      10 minutes “easy” in the pool equals one mile
2)      workouts translate by time into mileage, with the recoveries not counting for mileage.  For example, I would normally cover half a mile in 3:00 during an interval workout, and 1.5 miles in 10:00 during a tempo.  So 8x3:00 at interval effort is 4 miles, and 30 minutes at tempo effort is 4.5 miles.


Monday:  In the morning, “7 miles” - 60 minutes pool running, including an “800s” workout of 8x3:00 at very hard effort, with 1:00 recovery.  (I normally run 800m in about 3 minutes during my track workouts, so this workout was mimicking that).  Pilates class at night.

Tuesday:  “13.5 miles” - In the morning, 75 minutes easy pool-running; in the evening, 60 minutes easy pool-running

Wednesday:  “9 miles” - 90 minutes easy pool running, followed by leg strength work at the gym.

Thursday:  “10.5 miles” -  In the morning, 90 minutes pool running, including cruise intervals of 4x10:00 at tempo effort with 2:00 recovery, throwing in a very hard 2:00 interval right after the last 10:00 cruise interval.  In the evening, strength training with a personal trainer (I’m working with one right now to structure a program that will keep my upper body fit while working around my injury limitations).

Friday:  “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool running.

Saturday:  “18 mile long run” - 3 hours pool running at easy effort 

Sunday:  “9 miles” - Upperbody strength training plus 90 minutes easy pool running.

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