Sunday, November 28, 2010

Training - week ending 11/28/2010

End of week 3, post fracture. This week was 93 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below) -- training log is here. I got the OK to add in some swimming this week, which meant that I could attempt to pool run without the belt. Tried, and it was comical. Obviously I need some practice.

I’m not sold on the accuracy of my pool running mileage conversion – I definitely don’t have the fatigue I would have if I was actually running 90+ miles. I do feel like I’m preserving fitness to some extent, and I guess that’s the best I can do.

On December 15, I get to walk without the aircast, and start adding in some elliptical. Yay for approaching goals!


Monday: “13 miles” total. In the morning, “11 miles” - 95 minutes pool running, including an “800s” workout of 10x3:00 at very hard effort, with 1:00 recovery, followed by full recovery and then 15 minutes at aerobic effort.. Strength training at night, plus 30 minutes easy pool running for 3 more “miles”.

Tuesday: In the morning, “12 miles” – 2 hours easy pool-running plus lower body strengthwork.

Wednesday: “13.5 miles” total – In the morning, 90 minutes easy pool running for “9 miles”; in the evening, 45 minutes easy pool running for “4.5” more miles.

Thursday: “14.5 miles” - 2 hours pool running, including a cruise intervals workout of 2x20 minutes at tempo effort, with 1 minute recovery – after the second tempo, I took 1 minute recovery, and then 3 minutes at hard interval effort.

Then full recovery, followed by another set of intervals – 5x:3:00 very hard, 1:00 recovery.

Friday: “11 miles” – 1:50 hours easy pool running, plus strength training

Saturday: “18 mile long run” – 3 hours pool running, most at easy effort, but I included a half-hour of 90 seconds very hard, 60 seconds easy, to break the monotony.

Sunday: “10 miles” - strength training plus 1:40 hours easy pool running.


  1. I'm not sold on 1:1 either. My coach uses a 1:1.5 ratio: for example, if you normally do an 8 mile recovery run in 70 minutes, the equivalent is 105 minutes in the pool.

    I don't do any recovery effort running in the pool. Coach says you can do hard stuff every day in the pool and recover because there's no impact.

    This explains why running three hours is unfathomable to me. I did two hours at 75-80% with 20 minutes of 30 second surges and it was one of the most exhausting workouts I've done in any environment in recent memory.

    After three months, I have mixed feelings about pool running. I've made peace with having to do it (and I'll be doing it 3x a week once I'm totally over my injury). Some days I even find it meditative and immensely satisfying. Others, it's just time I'm killing and it's a big drag. You'll probably have the same highs and lows.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the Round Table podcasts, although I'm surprised about the multiple listens. I'm also so glad you started a blog -- we need more worthy voices out there.

  2. Wow! I think you are going to come out of this with a hugely improved overall fitness level!

  3. Wow, I agree with Elizabeth. 3 HOUR pool run? Only when I had a marathon! Congrats on a tough run!

    I am though, sold on the ratio, I have noticed vast improvement for me personally, since switching two weekly days from "running" to "pool running". It seemed daring at first, but I'm set with it now!

  4. Thanks, y'all.

    I asked my coach about adding some easier intervals into my other days. EMPHATICALLY nixed. :). And since the whole reason for shifting to him was to apply the brakes that I can't seem to do myself, that means no extra interval sessions.

  5. Cris ... all I can say is wow. This is Bonnie from LetsRun (azrunner) That is a lot of pool running. I recently did a month of pool running and elliptical (not nearly as much as you, probably in the 50ish mpw range) -- today I had my first "track workout" and low and behold I am only 5 secs/mile off of my mile pace and about 15 secs off of my 400-800 pace - with some lack of stamina. And, I was able to get back up to 60 mpw in about 4 weeks.

    My coach said, "there are those people who put in the work and they are able to get back more quickly".

    Keep it up!! I, like Julie is going to, still do pool running a couple days/week. I enjoy my books on tape, I have listened to many BBC radio mysteries!

    Good luck,

  6. Bonnie -- good to hear from you -- we miss you on the thread! And it's great to hear that it's been so successful for you. (Self-doubt comes easily in the pool).

  7. Hi Cris, I just couldn't keep up with the thread, my running blog and my work ;-).

    All the hard work ALWAYS pays off Cris!