Thursday, November 11, 2010

Training - week ending 11/7/2010

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! 15.5 miles running, plus 6:00 pool running and 1:15 on the arc-trainer.

Monday: In the morning, 75 minutes on the arc-trainer plus upper body strength training. In the evening, 3.5 miles very easy outside (9:04 pace).

Tuesday: 12 miles on the treadmill, including an aerobic workout of 8 miles at marathon pace (first 6 miles at 8.6 mph (6:59 - 7:07 outside) and last 2 miles at 8.7 mph (6:54 - 7:01 outside -- the treadmill seems to be about 8 seconds per mile faster than outside). Workout felt relatively easy, and a confidence booster, but then my left foot went “pop” at the very end. No warning, just “pop”. Not much pain either at the time, but I hopped off anyway, iced, and rested for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: off. See podiatrist in am. X-rays confirm oblique fracture of second metatarsal on left foot.

Thursday: 90 minutes easy pool running. Best pool run ever – after 48 hours on the couch, felt wonderful just to move.

Friday: 40 minutes pool running, including a tempo workout of 3x10:00 at tempo effort with 2:00 recovery. Followed with leg strength training.

Saturday: 2:30 pool running (“long run”).

Sunday: Upperbody strength training plus 80 minutes easy pool running.


  1. Hey, finding your blog has been fantastic ... I've just been diagnosed with full frac 3rd metatarsel, having hobbled around for 2weeks thinking sfx. Now in Aircast Boot and have been told pool OK but very easy (physio)/no activity at all (doc - not a sports doc/runner!) - I run 10k/half mara's and have been in the pool rehabing before with achilles (other foot). So having read your blog - I'm for the aqua running tomorrow :-). I live in the UK and bone stimulators aren't sold here - can get on ebay from US - again given your experience - I've a bid in on ebay.
    Your blog has given me hope ... keep posting ...

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad it's helpful - that's exactly the reason I keep it!