Friday, April 6, 2012

Random (Running) Friday Thoughts

No real intro.  Let's just get into them.

  • There is a substantial overlap between a) those who strongly oppose stability running shoes and orthotics because they alter one's footstrike and running gait and b) those who strongly advocate Newton running shoes because they alter one's footstrike and running gait.  And if you point this out to them, they stutter and stammer.

  • If you coat your face with Vaseline before a windy or cold or rainy run, your skin will feel great afterwards. This also works for pool-running.

  • Rocktape makes therapeutic tape in black with skulls. 

  • It's not just you -- nobody wears CWX compression shorts without developing a muffin top.

  • If barefoot running is really the best and fastest way to run, then why do top triathletes spend additional precious time to PUT ON shoes during bike-run transition?

  • From xkcd
    Related to the above...I find it exceedingly hard not to get into internet fights when new runners are continually advised that minimalist shoes are the best in all cases, that orthotics are horrible, that there's one perfect running form, and that heelstriking is evil.  The number of people who have read Born to Run multiple times, but never read any Lydiard or Jack Daniels is about as sad as the fact that Creed have sold more albums than Jimi Hendrix.

  • Tempo runs on the track can be miserable if you count down laps.  Works much better to decide that you'll be running at tempo effort for roughly x minutes, and then stop after that time.

  • There are few things crueler to an early morning runner than the locked portapotty.

  • It's funny how many people start running so that they can eat whatever they want, and then over time shift to worrying about how what they eat will affect their running.

  • Apparently people are now running in non-compression knee-high socks just for the looks of it, as opposed to those of us who suffer through compression socks upon the recommendation of PT or doctor.  My first thought is that I don't understand why anyone would wear knee-high socks if they didn't have to, especially in the summer.  My second thought is that it would be DAMN COOL if CEP made socks that looked like these.

  • It's always better to run one mile or repetition or workout or race too few then one mile or repetition or workout or race too many.

  • In October of last year, I broke the handle of my Army 10 Miler mug the morning of a race that marked a turnaround point in my running.   Yesterday, I received in the mail my commemorative mug from Cherry Blossom for beating the 71:19 mark.  It arrived with the handle broken.  I consider that a positive omen of where my running goes from here.


  1. I never count laps at tempo, I just zone out n listen to times George shouts out- when I hear near my finish time i then check the Garmin and start to count down- tylically its 1-2 more laps at that point ;)
    Although sometimes I have started too early n thought I was done, but had more laps- zone out fail :)
    Tara C

  2. I like Ryan Hall's take on barefoot running:

    I need to stop counting laps in the Tempo...that is a fact and thanks for the reminder.

  3. I thought that the counting down lap thing was working for me this morning, but I'll have to try your "amount of time" strategy. I LOVE that "somebody is wrong" graphic. . . I've been there before. :-)

    I found zebra-print Duct tape.

  4. What a fun post. And yay on broken handle omens, it's totally true, you're just getting started.

  5. Does the "bad ass" on those socks refer to gluteus medius/minimus/piriformis issues? Because that would be even cooler.

  6. This post might be one of your best! And, I love the coffee mug omen. Go with that.

  7. I defintely think you should start smashing coffee mugs the morning of big races! And the cupcake picture made me wish that there was cupcake flavored gu. Or maybe birthday cake?

  8. Re: #1 and internet barefoot running fights and whatnot, I have had to bite my tongue around several friends who have converted to barefoot/minimalist because it lets them run their natural stride and yet also use knee braces/ankle sleeves/other "corrective" implements that allow them to run without pain by making subtle corrections to the way their body might otherwise work. I'm not meaning to be a jerk; I just legitimately don't understand why one is OK — even necessary — and the other is Teh Evil.