Friday, January 1, 2010

Pool-running posts, listed by category.

Basic Observations
The effectiveness of pool-running for preserving fitness.
Pros and cons of pool-running for non-injured runners.
Whether to wear a belt.
Combining pool-running and land-running. 
Links to other pool-running sites. 
Pool-running for recovery.

Training and form:
Tempo runs in the pool.
Pool-running and heart-rate.
Structuring workouts in the pool.
Pool-running form.
Supplemental strength-training for pool-runners - below the knee.
Supplemental strength-training for pool-runners - above the knee.

Tricks and tips:
Helpful gear for pool-running.
Stuff that is NOT useful for pool-running.
Poor woman's water-proof ipod.
Bag lady's water-proof ipod.
Tips on making pool-running tolerable.
Washington, DC Area Pool Reviews.
Pool-running etiquette. 

Pool-running humor:
What not to wear.
7 observations about pool-running.
7 more observations about pool-running.
Yet another 7 observations about pool-running.
My new favorite race photo.
The obligatory pool-running tracklist post.
Pool-running: how not to do it. 
Everybody pool-runs.


  1. I'm doing my first pool running workout tomorrow and Victoria sent me this to help me have some kind of clue as to what I'm doing. This is awesome; thank you!!!

  2. I'm currently an injured runner and switched to pool running while my achilles tendinopathy is treated. I absolutely love it and switch between this and a manual treadmill like this depending on my doctors suggested impact.

    Don't underestimate pool-running. It's different but it also mixes things up to make it fun.