Sunday, May 8, 2011

Training log - Week ending 5/08/11

This week was 44 miles of “real running” and 17 “miles” pool running plus 2000m of swimming -- training log is here.

This was the first week of my new, reduced workload training schedule. Running mileage remains the same, but pool-running and swimming have been cut back considerably -- I'm to use the extra time for rest. Additionally, I continue to work to avoid the temptation to push my workouts and long runs too hard.

I feel like I recovered from Broad Street pretty well. Tuesday’s track workout was very ad hoc -- I showed up with no idea of whether I'd be doing the workout or not. Discussed it with my coach, and we decided that I'd start off slow (ran with a slower group than my norm) and play it by ear. Worked pretty well.

I did both the Tuesday and Friday workouts in my trainers (Kinvaras) rather than my flats (Fastwitches). Though both shoes are almost the same weight, the Fastwitch has much less cushioning, which makes me feel like I get more energy return from each step (the Kinvaras feel like pillows on my feet, which is comfy, but too soft and squishy for fast running). I decided to wear the Kinvaras because I wanted to baby my feet a bit this week. I don't think I was slowed too much, though.

Friday's workout was a bit of a surprise -- I had planned to be hitting 6:40-6:50 pace, but temps around 50 degrees made us all a bit sharp. I ended up running the first rep too fast and paying later, but I was happy with how well I held it together for the later laps. Definitely a hard workout, and I was tired the next day. I played it a bit conservative on Sunday’s long run as a result, but am still pretty happy with that run.


Monday: Race recovery -- 20 minutes easy pool-running for "2 miles", plus foam-rolling+stretching+injury prevention exercises.

Tuesday: In the morning, 8.5 miles on the track, including a track workout. The planned workout was 3200m (1200m jog), then 2x800m, 2x400m, and 2x200m with half distance recovery. I kept the first few reps slow before dropping down to normal pace for the second part; my splits were 13:15 (6:38/6:37), 3:08, 3:02, 84, 84. I skipped the final 200m reps -- it just seemed like too much injury risk to crank out very fast stuff two days after a 10 mile race. Followed with 20 minutes easy pool-running for "2 miles." Strength-training plus foam-rolling and stretching in the evening.

Wednesday: In the morning, 11 easy miles outside on a hilly route (8:20 pace), followed by 1000m of swimming breathing drills (most with the pull buoy, some without). Foam rolling plus yoga at night. I feel compelled to disclose that I had every intention of sticking to 10, but a running buddy who shall remain nameless miscalculated the turnaround point.

Thursday: In the morning, "5 miles" of easy pool-running (50 minutes) followed by strength-training. Foam-rolling and stretching at night.

Friday: In the morning, 10.5 miles on the track, including a tempo intervals workout. The prescribed workout was 2-3x3200m with quarter-mile jog; most of us ended up doing 2x3200m then a final 1600m. Splits were 12:56 (6:31/6:24), 13:03 (6:30/6:33), and 6:33 for the last. I let myself run the first one too hard, and the price was that I ended up having breathing issues during the second and third reps (I tried to take a puff of my inhaler after the second rep, but it was broken). A good reminder of why it's stupid to go out too fast. I forced myself to work through the breathing issues though, and I really didn't lose too much time (a drop from 6:30 to 6:33 pace isn't too horrible). Followed with "2 miles" (20 minutes) easy pool-running. Foam-rolling plus pilates class in the afternoon.

Saturday: In the morning, 1000m of swimming breathing drills (most with the pull buoy, some without) and then "4 miles" of easy pool-running. Upper body strengthtraining plus foam-rolling+stretching in the afternoon.

Sunday: A long run of 14 miles on a dust towpath – averaged 8:12 for the first 7, and 7:22 for the second 7 (I don’t take mile splits generally on these, but I did take one near the end which confirmed that we dropped down to 7:00 pace at that point). Overall pace for the run was 7:47.  Followed up with "2 miles" (20 minutes) easy pool-running. Foamrolling+stretching+injury prevention work this afternoon.


  1. Damn your speed and commitment never ceases to amaze me. Great job. :)

  2. It was great to see you on Saturday!

  3. You have some fantastic workouts in there Cris! I think that cutting back the pool running in exchange for rest will be very helpful in nailing the key workouts. Nice job!

  4. Nice, I'm excited to see how the lower mileage works for you.

    Great week, as always!