Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bag lady's waterproof iPod

Previously, I posted instructions for a "poor woman's waterproof iPod" -- it's a way to waterproof your iPod when you don't have a nice waterproof case.

But, what to do when you forget both your waterproof case and your back-up plan of plastic baggie and swim cap?

Easy.  You somehow acquire a plastic shopping bag or similar (my gym has rolls of them; you could also grab one from any convenience store, or even raid a nearby dumpster), wrap your iPod in it, and then tuck the wadded bag into your hair bun, wrapping the excess plastic around your bun.

(if you pick the dumpster option, it might be worth a bit extra digging to see if anyone tossed out an iPod as well)

Obviously, this doesn't work that well if you don't have long hair to begin with.

Yup.  Bag lady waterproof iPod (wrapping the headphone cord around your bun works very well).

You're welcome.

Pro-tip: for additional yuks, make sure to walk back home through your urban neighborhood with the plastic shopping bag still in place. 


  1. OMG- Cris, this is priceless. I hope the music was worth it! :-)

  2. You're like an aquajogging supermodel/fashionista. <3

    Oh, I saw you on the trail yesterday! not related, I know.

  3. Beth - I'm sorry I didn't notice. Were you running? We could have run together!