Sunday, September 25, 2011

Training log - Week ending 9/25/11

This week was 56 miles of “real running” and 19 “miles” pool running plus 2000m of swimming -- training log is here.

This week was dedicated to developing better mental habits. Focus, mental toughness, cutting the bullshit and the excuses. In the last few months I’ve shifted towards being that what I hate – someone who has an excuse for everything, be it humidity, asthma, allergies, circulation problems, etc. While external conditions and limitations do have to be acknowledged and allowed for, there’s a line that can be crossed over to justification, and I’ve crossed it, with a mental whine train developing every time something is a bit tough or challenging.

I don’t want to be the person with an excuse, I want to be the person who performs. Progress towards that goal started this week.

In other news, I also got my nutritional analysis back and had a 30 minute chat with the nutritionist. And, whadya know – I’m apparently pretty good. I was worried that I wasn’t getting everything I needed nutritionally from my diet, but apparently I actually am one of the few people who does – this is due mostly to the fact that I don’t eat processed foods, and my normal diet is very high in fruits and veggies.

The two adjustments to make are:
a) up the carbohydrate intake a bit (my current diet is a bit high on protein and low on carbs – which probably also explains why my sweat always smells like ammonia -TMI), and
b) improve my post-workout nutrition. The latter is amusing, as I’m pretty big on consuming my post-workout egg and bottle of vitamin water right after the workout, and I sometimes get kidded for this. Well, apparently I need to do MORE than one egg, and a bit more carbs as well. I also apparently need to do this after ALL my workouts (I usually just do after hard ones).


Monday: In the morning, 70 minutes of very easy pool-running for “7 miles”. Stretching and foam-rolling at night plus yoga.

Tuesday: In the morning, 11 miles easy (8:15 pace) plus some very brief strength training. At night I got a sports massage. (note – the 11 miles was NOT the best idea 48 hours post-half, which is why I ended up swimming on Wednesday morning, and kept my run to a short Wednesday night jog).

Wednesday: In the morning, 2000m of swimming breathing drills. 7 easy miles (8:16) plus stretching and injury prevention work at night.

Thursday: In the morning, 70 minutes of easy pool-running for “7 miles”, plus weight training. Foam-rolling/stretching at night.

Friday: In the morning, 10 miles on the track, including a 4 mile tempo in 27:03 (6:49 pace) – splits were 7:01/6:50/6:41/6:31. Dewpoint was 71, but I told myself it wasn’t an excuse, and it wasn’t. Followed up with 20 minutes of easy pool-running for “2 miles”.

Saturday: In the morning, 10 miles easy (8:44 pace). Weight training, injury prevention exercises, and foam-rolling at night.

Sunday: Long run of 18.5 miles averaging 7:45 pace. Held 8:00-8:15 pace for most of first 11 miles, then dropped to 7:30 pace for 2.5 miles, 7:20 for a bit under 2 miles, 6:50 pace for ~2.5 miles up the Cap Crescent trail, and 6:20 for final quartermile push uphill. Pretty happy with this – I deliberately turned my watch face to “daytime” and just ran by feel while practicing mental focus techniques – funny how that works. Followed with 30 minutes of easy pool-running for “3 miles”. I’m planning on a restorative yoga class tonight, plus foam rolling.


  1. Great post-race week Cris!! You looked great on tempo and looks like you had a great long run this morning, considering the weather. Can't wait to see how you do at ARMY!

  2. Cool stuff, I love the mental training mention, not that I find you to be excusey but I can relate to it, the mind is so powerful in this sport. And yay on the nutrition analysis, nice to know you're pretty much right there, especially considering your special diet. That long run's a beauty, excellent progression on that.

  3. Great week! I think a lot of the mental stuff has to do with relaxing. It's hard to relax during a race because it hurts and we are pushing to do our best. But I've always found the more relaxed I am going into a race, the better I do. Sometimes making small jokes inside my head helps loosen up my mind. Interesting about the nutrition and I think the modifications will serve you well. :-)

  4. ooof, an egg after a hard workout? that makes my tummy hurt.