Thursday, October 13, 2011


Lets just hypothesize that a certain someone goes pool-running this morning, around 7 am.

And that certain someone then realizes that it's 8:00 pm, and she still hasn't showered, due to work pile-on (said person works from home). 

That's not too bad right?  Chlorine, right?

People in the dark ages went without showers, and had no chlorine, and did just fine, right?

(well, except for the fact that they all died at approximately the age of our protagonist, but we'll ignore that for the nonce)

This is one of the advantages of pool-running, right?

Anyone? Bueller? 

*shuffles off to the shower*


  1. I would personally applaud this hypothetical person's water conservation efforts. Well done.

  2. I almost never shower after the pool. I *might* rinse off at the pool locker room. That's a really big might though.

  3. chlorine kills everything. pool = shower.

  4. I shower, but only to try to rid of the chlorine smell all day. I do not wash or wet my hair, betty bun for sure.

  5. Being in the pool is the same as showering.

    Nice to actually meet you this morning! :)