Monday, October 28, 2013

Training log - week ending 10/27/13

This week was 7 miles of “real running” and 12,000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.  

I'm getting better at swimming, so yay.  I'm not fast, or even average, but sometimes I get dirty looks from the old ladies in the slow lane, and have to relocate to "medium".  I can successfully execute a flip turn (success has many definitions - here it means that I don't end up in the next lane over and don't hit my head...) and I can do freestyle for an hour pretty comfortably.

I'm not a real swimmer yet, and may never be.  For one thing I do stuff like log 3500 meters in Wilson as 3500 yards, though I understand that's not quite the case.  I'm also the slowest kick boarder ever, and I don't DARE try backstroke or (*shivver*) butterfly.  But I've got something aerobic I can do, and I'm getting better at it.

As far as injuries go, I went for a consult with a doctor specializing in "physical medicine and rehabilitation."  His work is mainly prolotherapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, and other related stuff.  After reviewing my MRI reports, my history, and doing a physical exam, he stated "your report has PRP written all over it."

I was and am slightly cynical.  On the one hand, this guy's an expert in PRP and that type of stuff.  On the other hand, when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.  There was a small part of me that wondered if he saw anyone that didn't have PRP written all over them.  And I'd like to see some more favorable solid scientific studies in favor of PRP - there's not that much conclusive research in people.

PRP is not covered by insurance and is not cheap (though it is cheaper than equine vet bills).  That's another factor.

[the procedure I'm getting will run me about $1200, if you were curious]

[high hamstring tendon issues can also linger for years.  If you were curious]

[I'd really like to be able to train for Boston in the spring.  Dunno if you were curious about that]

I've discussed with two people who had PRP done, and both said they'd do it again without question, and it was worth the cost.  One of these people got it from the same doctor I'm going to, for the same condition (high hamstring tendon).  I also ran it past several PT friends and my coach, all of whom thought it was worth a shot (teehee).  So, I'm going to go for it.

I'll be getting stabbed all over the place.   The process involves drawing blood, spinning it down to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting it where you need healing to occur.  Since the main cost is from the blood drawing and spinning, not the injections, it makes sense to get shots everywhere you think they'll help - more bang for your buck.  So I'll be getting them in my left hamstring at the origin (butt), all over my right foot (plantar, peroneal, and some loose ligaments), and possibly my back, depending on the conclusion from some diagnostics.  I think I'm also going to ask if I can get a shot in my right groin - since we're going to all this trouble, I might as well take a stab (teehee) at that old issue too.

Then I go home and lay on the couch for the weekend - fortunately, this is a good weekend to do so - I'll stream the NYC marathon on one computer and the Maclay finals on the other on Sunday.

After that, I'll swim with a pull buoy for a while - anywhere from a few days up to 2 weeks.  Supposedly the PRP will make things worse in the short run, but I should start seeing improvement in about 3 weeks.

We shall see.  I'm scheduled for this Friday, with a blog report to follow.  Since I'm becoming a large size voo-doo doll, I'm opening myself up for dedications.  Just let me know whose name you want written on my foot, butt, etc, and it shall be done.


In the morning, injury prevention work and upper body weights.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, injury prevention work, lower body weights and then 2750 yards of swimming.  PT appointment mid day.  Foam rolling at night.

:   In the morning, injury prevention work and 3000 yards of swimming.  Sports massage at night.

In the morning, injury prevention work and 2750 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, injury prevention work and jogged 2 miles easy (per PT's orders).    Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, upper body weights and injury prevention work, followed by 3500 yards of swimming.  

Spent the morning cheering at Marine Corps Marathon.  Later, I did lower body weights and injury prevention work, plus 5 miles running easy, per PT's orders.  Also did some foam rolling.


  1. I'm curious to hear how this goes. I've considered PRP before.

  2. hey. I have followed your blog for a long time (troller). (I;m a friend of sarah b in restonI am curious to see how your PRP goes. I had it on my achilles. cost me big bucks too but it didn't work unfortunately. good luck with yours. as a lurker, I wonder if I could ask a question -- I twisted my foot 2 weeks ago running on trails. thought it was a sprain but turned out to be fracture of cuboid bone. small one because it didn't show up on xray but on mri.. have any idea how long it will take to heal? I know you used the bone growth stimulator. trying to get one from insurance company. don't have the money to buy one. I am in a walking boot. I tried aqua jogging and swimming - I am a good swimmer but struggling with the one foot push off! I would appreciate any insight into fractures you could offer. thanks so much. good luck with PRP.

    1. Honestly, I'm not familiar with the cuboid - I'd think your podiatrist would have the best idea. I really do recommend the bone stim if you can scrape together the $ on ebay (I know you said you couldn't, but maybe you can troll there and catch one on the cheap).

      For any kind of injury, I think four things don't get enough press. They are:

      1) adequate hydration (bloodflow is how your body heals)
      2) adequate nutrition, including letting yourself gain a few pounds (I think of it as erring on the side of nutrition surplus - I've always thought it was a REALLY dumb idea to try to lose weight while injured)
      3) keeping decently active - not just to maintain fitness but because increased bloodflow/circulation -> better healing
      4) trying to get extra sleep - I understand the body does most of its repair during sleep.

      None of that is particularly earth shattering, but I think it really is just as important as the PRP and the bone stims and the walking boots. And it doesn't get enough attention, sometimes.

    2. thanks for the advice. i will plod along in the boot and hope for fast healing. good luck with PRP.