Sunday, September 28, 2014

Training log - Week ending 9/28/14

This week was 80 miles of running and 4000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.

This was a week of some ups and downs.  I started the week off feeling a bit beaten up from last week's 4-3-2-1 workout.  I felt good enough by Tuesday to do a cautious version of the interval workout - doing the minimum number of reps and not pushing the pace.  I felt good after that workout, and so continued to build my miles.  Note that I did manage to slow most of my easy runs to ~ 9 minute pace.

However, I did note some trouble signs later in the week - basically insomnia and a slightly elevated resting HR, plus feeling a bit mentally fuzzy and blue, with concentration issues.  These could be signs of not recovering adequately, or maybe just my allergies affecting me (weeds, including sage and "chenopods" have been high for a while, and really surged the last week or so.).

I discussed with my coach on Sunday, and we agreed that I'd crank out the scheduled 20-22 miler (that's not one you want to miss, if possible), and then focus on rest for the next day or two.  Monday is always an off day anyway, but depending on how I feel, I may skip next Tuesday's workout as well in favor of easy running.


Monday:   Yoga in the morning, foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 13 miles, including a track workout of 2x1600, 800 (splits of 6:14, 2:55, 6:05, 2:55), followed by injury prevention work and 1000 yards easy swimming.  Foam rolling at night.
Wednesday:  In the morning, 6 miles very easy (9:05) followed by yoga.  Later an easy 8.5 (8:23 pace - in my defense, a lot was downhill) and 1000 yards easy swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, 5 miles very easy (9:27) to yoga.  After yoga, did another 3 miles (8:55), followed by a few drills+strides, some upper body strengthwork and injury prevention work.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  13 miles, including a 4 mile tempo in 26:08 (splits were 6:41, 6:33, 6:29, 6:25), followed by lower body strengthwork and injury prevention work, and then 1100 yards easy swimming.   Foam rolling in the afternoon.

Saturday:   12 miles easy (8:37), followed by some drills+strides and injury prevention/upper body strengthwork.  Foam rolling in afternoon.

Sunday:  21 miles averaging 7:46, split as 7 miles at 8:33, 6 miles at 7:33, and then the final 8 miles at 7:06 (but with two water breaks included - it got a bit toasty/sunny out there).  Followed with 900 yards shakeout swimming; foam rolling at night.

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