Sunday, June 12, 2016

Training log - Week ending 6/12/16

This week was 55 miles of running, 16 "miles" of pool-running and 2000 yards of swimming -- training log is here.

This was my last week of training before Grandma's Half (officially known as the Gary Bjorklund half, but nobody knows what you're talking about if you call it that....).  Not too much new to report - workouts went well and the weather is warm.  I might have pushed the workouts slightly too hard, with a very hard 400 at the end of Tuesday's workout and going slightly anaerobic at the end of Friday's workout.  But I am peaking now, and I didn't really crush either one, so I'm not going to worry too much.

I reduced my volume slightly after Wednesday of this past week; the upcoming week will be a full taper, though I'm not going to cut the volume too low.  Based on recent experiences, I think I'll do fine with a moderate taper.  I'll probably do about 8 miles on Tuesday, including a very restrained workout, and then a very easy 6-7 on Weds/Thurs.  I may or may not take Friday off - will depend on how I feel.

I'm pretty excited to return to Duluth.  After I run the half, I can cheer the full.  I have several friends running the full, including some that I haven't seen in close to a decade.  It will be great to catch up post-race.

In completely unrunning-related news, today is my parents' 50th anniversary.   I'm sure they don't read this blog, but seems remiss to post today without recognizing their special day.  Love you, mom and dad.


Monday:   Yoga and 7.5 "miles" easy pool-running.  Foam rolling in the evening.

Tuesday: 11 miles, including a track workout of 1600, 1200, 800, 3x400 - splits were 6:15, 4:34, 2:58, 87, 84, 79.   Followed with injury prevention work and 1000 yards recovery swimming. Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles easy to yoga (9:16), followed by yoga.  Later did 7.5 miles very easy (9:12) plus drills and 2 strides. Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   Upper body weights and core, and 8.5 "miles" easy pool-running.  Foam rolling at night.
Friday:  10.5 miles, including 2x3200 on the track in 13:18 (6:43/6:35) and 12:54 (6:32/6:23).  Followed with injury prevention work and 1000 yards recovery swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Saturday:  5.5 miles very easy (8:58), and then stopped to cheer at a race for about an hour.  Then did another 3.5 very easy (9:00)  followed by drills and two strides and then upper body and core strengthwork.  Foam rolling in the evening.

Sunday:  12.5 miles, mostly easy (8:38), but with 2 miles at marathon pace-ish (7:29/7:24).  Followed with light injury prevention work and foam rolling.

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  1. Nice training! Are you following a certain plan? Are you coached? I like your style. Interested to see how my training for grandmas this year will pay off on Saturday. It was a relatively new form of training. Good luck in the half!!

    Kristin - Minneapolis