Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Training log - Week ending 12/18/16

This week was 4 miles of running, 38 "miles" of pool-running, and 3000 yards of swimming -- training log is here.

Second week of returning, and I'm ramping back up.  My original plan was to wait until Monday of next week to start running, but unseasonably warm weather tempted me back a day early, on Sunday. And that first run back wasn't all that tough, though it didn't feel easy either.

The next two weeks will be a gentle ramping up of my running volume, but keeping things easy.  Then back to workouts after the new year.


Monday: In the morning, yoga and 7 "miles" of pool-running.  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday: In the morning, yoga and 1500 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:  8 "miles" of pool-running and upper body weights in the morning.  Massage at night.

Thursday: In the morning, yoga, 3 "miles" of pool-running, and 1500 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday: In the morning, yoga and 6.5 "miles" of pool-running with the belt in the morning.  Foam rolling at night.

Saturday: Iced in in the morning.  Upper body weights and core, 7.5 "miles" of pool-running, and  foam rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday: 4 miles (9:11) and then another 6 "miles" of pool-running, followed by a yoga class.  Foam rolling at night.

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