Sunday, July 1, 2018

Training Log - Week ending 7/1/2018

This week was 52 miles of running, 16 "miles" of pool-running, and 1000 yards of swimming -- training log is here.

Pretty boring.  Just relaxed running, pool-running, and yoga, with a bit of weights work.  And also catching up with all those routine appointments - mammography, bloodwork for physical, routine follow-ups with specialists, etc.  

I've learned to schedule all that stuff for either late-June or mid-December -- those are the two times of year that I can be sure that I'm not tapering or racing.  This is because I've discovered the hard way that when you schedule a doctor's appointment or exam a year or so in advance and then later (much later) decide to race that same week, it's about impossible to reschedule the appointment.  

It's much better just to plan way ahead and book that stuff for a week when you're pretty sure you won't be doing anything of significance, running-wise.  The downside is that you end up with everything compressed into a week dedicated to poking and prodding and scanning and boob-squishing.

And fasting.  Having my breasts crushed by a big machine in a pink room really doesn't bug me that much, but goddammit I hate fasting.

Running-wise, recovery goes well.  I'm a bit more tired and sore than I was after Boston, but much less than I was after Hartford last year.  Which supports my theory that, for myself at least, my marathon recovery is directly and strongly affected by the temperature of the race.  The cooler the race, the quicker the recovery.

As part of phasing stuff back in, I added post-run drills early this week, and then strides at the end of the week.  The drills felt awkward at first, and then smoother later in the week.  The strides were similarly rough, but I expect a similar improvement curve.

I'm still sticking with my MO of only doing what I want to do when I wake up each morning.  Of course, that doesn't look that different from my normal routine.  Which is probably why I don't have trouble following my normal routine.

In other news, I received my Moose Mug this week.  The Moose Mug is a tradition dating back a long time, to the Runners World Online Forums ("RWOL"). The forums are no more, but two traditions remain: the writings of the dearly missed Jim2, and the Moose Mug.  The latter is a custom mug offered to any forumite who could run a marathon faster than 2 hours plus their age (if male) or 2 hours and 20 minutes plus their age, if female.  

I joined the RWOL forums as a very new runner, and a Moose Mug was a holy grail.  My 3:02:58 at Grandma's earned me my Moose Mug, and it's going to occupy prime real estate on the trophy shelf.


Monday: Yoga and 8 "miles" of pool-running in the morning, plus foam rolling.  

Tuesday: 9 miles very easy (9:14) plus drills and some strengthwork, then foam rolling.

Wednesday: 6 miles very easy (9:11) to yoga, yoga, and then another 4 miles very easy (9:21) plus drills.  Foam rolling at night

 Strengthwork and core plus 8 "miles" of pool-running in the morning.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday: 5 miles very easy (9:09) to yoga, yoga, and then another 5 miles very easy (9:01) plus drills and strides.

Saturday: 10 miles easy (9:04) plus drills, strides, and upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday:  12.5 miles - most of this run was very easy (9:11 pace), but I did a slight progression at the end, running 8:06/7:35/7:17/7:17 for the last 4 miles.  Followed with lower body injury prevention work and 1000 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

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