Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pool-running, how not to do it.

Some of you may already have seen this story (complete with video).  Man runs through Kansas naked, then jumps into pool and hangs out there (presumably aquajogging) until he is arrested.

There are several problems that I can note here, as lessons to others. 

First of all, while it does work well to do your outside run first, and then your pool-run, it really is most polite to shower between the two if you've broken any sort of sweat.  Jumping straight into the pool is gross.

Second of all, I've learned from experience that pool-running doesn't work well with large groups of children -- one tends to end up disrupting their games, and their splashing can be disruptive to one's focus.  Separate lanes really are best.

Additionally, if you're going to pool-run, you do need to maintain some focus in order to derive benefits; it's really very easy to slack off and simply go through the motions in the water, without any effort.  I'm admittedly reading between the lines here, but my sense is that this guy was really hanging out in the pool, rather than expending any actual effort, and so I'm sure he wasn't reaping the benefits that he could have.

Finally, barefoot running is de rigueur in the pool; wearing your running shoes in the pool is really just a horrible faux pas, worse even than failing to shower.

So yes, there's a lot to learn here.  I do think being arrested by the police was overkill though -- none of the points above are really crimes.  Hopefully this guy hasn't been turned off from pool-running by this experience; pool-running really is a more-the-merrier type thing.


  1. I think the "hangs out there" was what got him arrested! funny take!

  2. BWAHAHAHA this made my day :)

  3. Wait, failing to shower is a faux pas? Crap.