Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yet another fall racing option

Once upon the time, in what seems like a lifetime ago (but was only about 18 months back), I was in the abyss of my broken-foot-imposed-non-stop-pool-running-saga.  And I had an interesting conversation with my non-running primary care doctor about my future athletic endeavors during that time.  Specifically, she suggested that I should just stick to pool-running instead of land running even after my foot healed, since they were more or less the same, I clearly enjoyed the pool-running, and it was less risk of injury than land running.

I worked very hard to explain to her exactly WHY this wouldn't work for me.  One of the points that I came up with was simply noting that I run so that I can compete, not simply to stay healthy or attractive, and there are no pool-running competitions.  If you want to race, you gotta run on land.

Great point, with one problem.  I was apparently wrong.

Introducing the first ever "Underwater Marathon" (as well as some shorter distances).

[hat tip to RunnersWorld for bringing to my attention]

Anyhoo, it's being held on September 9 in Pennsylvania, and isn't sold out yet.  You've got your choice of  5K, 10K, or half marathon distances, as well as the full marathon distance.  All run on underwater treadmills

The race is lacking in some of the traditional amenities -- no mention of a certified course, no pace teams, no water stops, no posted elevation map.  Heck, I don't see medals or t-shirts...  On the plus side, I'm pretty sure it's about impossible to cut the course for this race.  And hydration shouldn't be an issue.

So there you are.  There are water-running races.  I stand corrected (in chest-high water).   This one doesn't fit in my schedule well this year, so I'll have to skip (in truth, the entry fees are also a bit pricy for me, especially since they're not giving out t-shirts).  But if anyone runs it, please let me know.


  1. "Water’s hydrostatic pressure helps remove lactic acid and metabolic waste by optimally "flushing" the lymphatic and cardiovascular system — so, you won’t be sore during or after!"

    Um, so I guess in 4 years of college swimming, I shouldn't have ever been sore.

  2. Also, $750 for the 5k? That's more than an ironman. Nevermind $6500 for the marathon.

  3. Too bad about the price - this is clearly made for you. Does anyone else pool run as much or as masterfully as you? Your inevitable win could result in lucrative sponsorships ...

  4. Duh, who wears a T-shirt to pool-run? They should give out swimsuits! Or branded floatation belts.

    And wait, there's a relay option? That sounds ... logistically challenging.

  5. Holy crap, that's crazy expensive! You had me until then! :)

  6. A good option for the injured!!!

  7. i have been deep water running for a year now. at first i didn't know what to call it. weird water treading? pretending to run on land in the deep end?

    then a friend told me i was doing something called "deep water running". i love it!

    so i'm super excited to find a blog where someone talks about this. i'm going to read all 34 "pool running" posts this week. :)