Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what not to wear (part 3)

So, from time to time I venture into the world of online shopping.  As an avid pool-runner, I go through bathing suits pretty quickly, so I'll often browse sites to see what I can find.  And Zappos never disappoints.

Third in a popular series (see previous posts here and here), this is another edition of  "What Not to Wear (when pool-running)."

I didn't realize they wore bathing suits at Ren Faires.

This model couldn't be happier to be wearing this suit.

Cue theme from Bonanza!  Or maybe the Beverly Hillbillies.

This is what happens if you don't put your suit
in the suit spinner with the straps DOWN.

The safety suit -- works great for
ensuring the lifeguards don't miss you
when you're lifeless at the bottom of the pool.

This suit is $337.99 (down from $450).  What a bargain. 
Especially since plain black suits are so hard to find.
Even the model is impressed.

TSA approved swimsuit!  No need for scan or physical patdown!



    Photo #1.

    The end.

    1. Please please PLEASE tell me those are angry unicorns in that last pic. And then tell me where I could purchase an angry unicorn bathingsuit for pool running.

  2. these photos (and the captions!!) made my day! ha!

  3. I love your captions! How come that one suit is so expensive!!!

  4. LOVED this. I'm torn between the Ren Fair and the Bonanza suit.