Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random thoughts about running.

I feel the need to generate blog content.  Hence, another installment of (booming voice) random thoughts about running.
  • Is it really a "cool-down" when it's hot outside? On Saturday, my friend referred to our post-race jog as a "warm-down" - much more appropriate, IMHO.
  • People regularly often state that their Garmins read long at the end of the race because they "didn't run the tangents."  To the right is a Garmin upload from a recent race - the red line is what my Garmin reports I ran; the pink line is my addition, indicating the path I actually took.  As you can see, the Garmin believes that I ran through three buildings during my race.  Do you really think a Garmin is accurate enough to tell which side of the street you ran on?
  • There's a whole range of possible gel flavors not currently offered by any company.  Birthday Cake!  Coconut!  Irish Creme!
  • There's also quite a few potential gel flavors that would NOT work well.  Guacamole, cheeseburger, and tuna come to mind.
  • I'm still undecided on Pepto Bismol as a potential gel flavor.
  • Confession: I really didn't like "Spirit of the Marathon" -- too many different runners being followed, too much "woo marathon."  It could have been a fantastic documentary if they had just focused on Daniel Njenga.
  • Dear Competitor Group.  I'd actually pay money to run a race that did NOT feature your version of "rock bands."
  • Yup.  Nearly 2 pounds at the hot bar. 
    The bastard love child of Jeff Galloway and Suze Orman strongly advises you NOT to go shopping at Whole Foods immediately after your long run.  And if you do engage in such, NOT to hit the hot foods bar.  (The bastard love child of Jeff Galloway and Suze Orman also laments cruel fate at being given such parents as s/he run-walks to the bank offering the best rate on 90 day CDs).
  • Large races are invariably accompanied by spectators compelled to scream "you're almost there" at seemingly random (but NOT "almost there") points on course.  Fail.  Here's a handy reference guide for the zone (specific to each distance) where it is appropriate to claim that the finish is near.
    • Distance: 10K and further - in the last .2 of the course.
    • Distance: 5K-10K - in the last .1 of the course.
    • Distance: shorter than 5K - never.


  1. Ha. Morning funnies.

    Swimmers always talk about a warm down at the end of their workouts, perhaps all that time staring at the bottom of the pool gave us insight come the end of practice.

    Maybe next time, your 10k time will be faster if you don't run through buildings. Something to think about tweaking in your race strategy.

  2. Ha! The Global Cuisine at Whole Foods will get you. Hubz once racked up a $21 salad bill.

  3. Can leap tall buildings at a solid 6:30 pace! Its just like superman!

  4. 1) Whole Foods Hot Bar is my kryptonite. I am powerless to resist. Especially when there's soup involved. And like eight pasta salads.

    2) My marathon is going to have eighty bands on the course. EIGHTY. I just ... really don't know how I'm going to react to this. (Probably not well.)

    3) Birthday cake Gu? I'd eat that. Also, red velvet, devil's food ... all cake flavors, basically.

    4) Would guacamole Gu just be guacamole?

  5. guacamole gu actually sounds amazing and already exists. those 100 holy guac packets at costco?

  6. LOL. I totally agree with the last part. You are not "almost there" with a mile to go in a marathon. Cake Batter Gu-- that would be yummy!

  7. Beer gu?

    The tuna suggestion actually made me gag.