Monday, September 10, 2012

Training log - Week ending 9/9/12

This week was 79.5 miles of “real running” and 16 “miles” pool running, plus 1500 yards of swimming breathing drills -- training log is here.

A high week in terms of mileage, but low in terms of intensity.  I developed a bit of a sinus infection at the start of the week.  I was never horribly sick, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t get horribly sick.  My concerns about getting sick were compounded by the fact that work’s also been a bit crazy, which adds to the overall stress on my system.  I guess I’ve seen this story again and again – training’s going well, and then you start feeling sick or develop a niggle, at the same time that life becomes increasingly stressful and you’re running short on rest.  So…you insist on doing your workouts as planned anyway, and next thing you know, you really are majorly sick (or injured or overtrained).   And you’ve set yourself back.

I decided that wasn’t going to happen to me.  So I played it safe by skipping Tuesday’s track workout in lieu of easy mileage (doing everything like I would have done on Tuesday, except the workout), and also kept Friday’s tempo very conservative.  And by Sunday my sinuses were fine again, just in time for some great weather to roll through.  I actually only meant to run 18 on Sunday, but screwed up my run math and went too far out on the trail.  Since the run was scheduled as 18-20, I'm hoping that 19.5 miles wasn't the biggest sin in the world.

This coming week’s a pretty big cut-back, as I’m racing a half-marathon next Sunday.  Work’s looking like it will continue to be very heavy this week, so I’m going to have to make an extra effort to prioritize rest to the extent I can.


Monday:   In the morning, 65 minutes of easy pool-running for “6.5 miles.”  3.5 easy miles (8:16 pace) at night, followed by foam rolling.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 11.5 miles easy (7:59 pace – skipping my track workout).  Followed with injury prevention work and 15 minutes of easy pool-running.  2.5 miles very easy (8:20) at night, followed by floor barre and foam rolling.

Wednesday:   11.5 miles very easy (8:31), followed by a yoga class.  Later did another 4.5 miles easy (7:52).  Also foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, injury prevention/strengthwork , followed by 1500 yards of swimming breathing drills and 30 minutes of easy pool-running for “3 miles.”   2.5 very easy miles (8:32 pace) at night, followed by foam rolling.

Friday:  In the morning, 14 miles, including a careful 4 mile tempo in 25:58, split as 6:42, 6:29, 6:26, 6:21.  6:32 pace overall.  Followed with injury prevention work and 20 minutes recovery pool-running.  Pilates and foam-rolling in the afternoon.

Saturday:   In the morning, 9.5 miles easy (8:10 pace).   Upper body strength work plus injury prevention stuff and foam-rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday:   In the morning, a progressive long run of 19.5 miles, split as first 6.5 at 8:02 pace; next 6.5 at 7:12, last 6.5 at 6:39 pace (a bit deceptive, as second half of run was downhill with a tailwind).   Followed with 30 minutes of shakeout pool-running.  Restorative yoga and foam rolling at night.

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  1. Sounds like you were really self-aware and smart about how you handled this week!