Friday, February 22, 2013

Repast riposte

So, my name is Cris.  And I have a friend named Mollie.
I'm on the left, Mollie's on the right. 
Our friend Kate's in the middle. 
Yes, I'm short.
 Mollie and I have a lot in common.  We run.  With the same group, even.  Our training paces are similar, and we're both aiming for marathons on March 17. We also both blog.  Her blog is "Eat, Run, Read."

Again, there's some similarities.  I, like Mollie, eat some times.  I also read sometimes.

(as you may know, I also run a bit).

But there's differences as well.

Mollie is a foodie, packing her blog with examples of all the great things she's baked, broiled, stir-fried, etc.  She's pretty talented.

I'm talented also.  I destroy cookware regularly.

Earlier this week, Mollie noted that our mutual coach had chastised her for not eating enough vegetables.  In response, she posted images (all appealing) of her normal dinner, which was packed with veggie goodness.  Along with instructions on how she prepared it that included scary words like "saute" and "pan-steam" and "finely chopped almonds" and "kale."
Food by Mollie (image stolen from her blog)

Well, Mollie, there's a different world out there.  Here's how we non-foodies do it.

This is my kitchen.  Note that I have two microwaves.   I use microwaves all the time, while the oven and stove each get used once a week (for cooking the week's supply of meat and hardboiling eggs.  Hence, two microwaves.  I can bake a potato and nuke a bag of frozen veggies simultaneously.  It's pure awesome.

Carbs?  Sure.  I got carbs.  See below. 

Carbs the first - potatoes
Carbs the second (apples and bananas)

And, I also have other stuff.  This is my fridge.  I pre-cook chicken, bison meat, and beef once a week and store in containers.  I also do a big hard boil "eggstravaganza" (I am SO clever) weekly.  Yes, that's two packs of eggs there (plus the third on the door shelf).  No, the "Science Diet K/D" isn't mine.  But all the coconut water is.  That's also a big thing of brown rice on the right side under the bison.
Where are my veggies?  All in the freezer.
All about the coconut water.

As for my "non-cook's" version of Mollie's Bowl O'Dinner, here you go.  Hers undoubtedly tastes better; mine has the advantage of speed and less stuff to clean.

Mollie uses seasonings.  I do also.  Salt and pepper (what else is there?).
Pepper shaker and woefully inadequate decorative salt shaker.

Now that, THAT is a salt shaker, my friends.

 Here's how I make my dinner in a bowl.

Step 1: remove ingredients from fridge and cupboard. They include butter, bag of frozen veggies, can of salmon, and salt

Step 2: Microwave veggies.  For 6 minutes.  In my house, everything nukes for 6 minutes.  At the end of which, it's either burnt or not quite done.  If the latter, nuke some more.


Step 3: Dump some of veggies into bowl, open can of salmon, and spoon some salmon onto veggies.  Then salt and butter to taste (and I have no taste).  Then eat.

Yes, this is actually several steps, but I didn't take enough photos.

The possibilities are infinite, BTW.  You can have frozen veggies and precooked steak, frozen veggies and pre-cooked chicken, frozen veggies and eggs....More salt, or even MORE SALT.  You're limited only by Noah's ark, your checkbook, and your salt shaker.


 Mollie, eat your herb encrusted artichoke heart out.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA this is amazing and I love it. Though "bison" sounds like a scary word to me! Also, "Then salt and butter to taste (and I have no taste)" ooohhh Cris you crack me up!

  2. This post made me smile! I'm with you on this one, and I too have a hard boiled eggstravaganza once a week! I can't cook to save my life, and I never had a "proper" dinner until I met Greg. Sounds like you have a system that's easy and healthy!

  3. I eat toast or cereal with fruit and yogurt for dinner. Regularly. Microwaving stuff? Meh. Too much trouble.

    Your coach would have a heart attack if he knew what my diet was like!

  4. LOL! Hey, in my book it's all about the protein. As long as you can eek that in daily it's all good! Although I have to admit I attempted to make protein bars and they can out really good. I'll post the recipe. Loads of protein!

  5. This is actually a great cooking blog post. It's cooking that busy athletes can take on.

    (I pretty much make dinner the exact same way most nights. Praise for frozen veggies.)