Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Training log - Week ending 4/7/13

This week was 52 miles of “real running” plus 11.5 “miles” pool running and 1000 yards swimming -- training log is here.  

Final week of marathon recovery.  Or as I like to call it, the "penalty box" - running a long race has a price - three weeks of sitting on the sidelines.  But I'm almost free.

I made good use of the downtime by moving this week (not far, just from DC to Arlington, VA).  And even though I was pretty free with the checkbook on this one, paying others to do the heavy lifting, I still feel physically tired.  Placing books on shelves is surprisingly draining.

I also belly flopped while running on Weds.  Tripped over a rock while jogging in the dark on the towpath.  Didn't feel like much at the time, but the results were notable.

I get to start workouts again this coming Friday.  Psyched.


In the morning, 45 minutes of easy pool-running for “4.5 miles” plus 1000 yards of swimming breathing drills.  Foam rolling at night.

8.5 miles aerobic (7:51) followed by upper body and core strengthwork in the morning; foam rolling at night.

:   In the morning, 8 miles very easy (9:22 pace), with bonus belly flop, followed by yoga.   Moved in the afternoon.  Massage at night.

In the morning, 70 minutes of easy pool-running for “7 miles."   Foam-rolling at night.

In the morning, 9 miles aerobic (7:44 pace average, last two miles at about 7:05) followed by yoga. Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 11.5 miles easy (8:12 pace).  Foam-rolling, injury prevention work, and core strengthtraining in the afternoon.

In the morning, 15 miles, including pacing a 10 mile race at 7:27 pace, followed by yoga.  Foam rolling at night.

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