Monday, August 12, 2013

Training log - Week ending 8/11/2013

This week was 47 miles of “real running” plus 22.5 “miles” pool running, and 1000 meters of swimming breathing drills -- training log is here.  

Ah - good to be running again.  I started with a short 3 miles, and then ramped up throughout the week.  The left leg feels different, but good, with my gait changed slightly to be more even - while I used to collapse a bit outwardly on my left leg before, now I'm pushing off with both legs evenly.  Of course, the left leg isn't used to working that way, and so I've got to build it up, but so far so good.

I guess I'll know 6 months from now whether the shot was a good idea.  But two weeks post shot, I'm wishing I had gotten it many years ago.

As  part of my ramp up, I kept my outside mileage easy for this week, doing my classic 10x3 minutes hard (1 minute easy) in the pool.  The 10x3:00 is miserable when I'm doing it, but it does work. An added benefit of addressing my piriformis/nerve issue is that I'm no longer fighting my tendency to turn in circles when I pool run.  Cool.

Other news of the week was my quest for new running shoes.  I've had great luck with the Saucony Kinvara for many years, and so I've been reluctant to change for that reason - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Unfortunately, Saucony effectively broke the Kinvara for me when they decided to widen it some.  It no longer fits my foot as well.  So, I've been trying other options.  I first tried the Saucony Mirage (a bit too cushy and corrective) and the Saucony Fastwitch (love it, but a bit too light for a trainer).  Then, at the recommendation of my coach, I started experimenting with more substantial shoes.

It's been an adventure so far.  Candidates rejected in the store include the Nike Pegasus and Asics Cumulus plus some Adidas shoe I can't remember - all bad fits for my foot.  We also tried a New Balance for the heck of it, but I didn't even need to stand in it for the shoe salesman to agree it didn't work for me.  New Balance designs shoes for the exact opposite of my foot shape, apparently.

I took the Brooks Ghost home to try, but rejected it after one run - it felt like running in clogs, with matching fatigue in my outer shins, hamstrings, and quads, plus some stiffness just inside of my heels.  Then I tried the Mizuno Wave Rider this weekend.  It felt different but good at first, but I noticed a bit of soreness in both arches a few hours after my Saturday run.  On Sunday's run, I could feel some pulling on the outside of my plantar fascia in both feet by the end, which was enough for me to nix the shoe.

So, back to the running store - I've ordered a pair of Saucony Rides that should hopefully be delivered in the next day or two.  Cross your fingers that those will do the trick.  I'm open to other suggestions - I'm a neutral mid-foot striker with a narrow foot and a small heel.  Heavily cushioned shoes tend to aggravate my plantar fascitis issues, and elevated heels give me trouble as well, so moderate shoes are preferred.  Kayanos will not work.  Trust me.

And don't tell me to try Vibrams or Newtons.  Just. Don't.


In the morning, 3 miles easy (8:15 pace), followed by 35 minutes of pool-running for "3.5 miles" and some upper body, core, and injury prevention strengthwork.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 5 miles outside (8:17 pace) followed by a pool workout of 10x3:00 hard, 1:00 easy - total in the pool was "7 miles."  Foam rolling at night.

:   In the morning, 9 miles easy (8:08 pace) followed by yoga.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 60 minutes of easy pool-running for "6" miles pluspper body, core, and injury prevention strengthwork.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 8 miles (8:28) in the Ghosts followed by a pool workout of 10x3:00 hard, 1:00 easy - total in the pool was "6 miles."   Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 10 miles easy (8:15 pace) in the Wave Riders, followed by 1000 meters swimming breathing drills.  Upper body and core strength work plus injury prevention work and foam rolling in the afternoon.

In the morning, 8 miles very easy (8:50) in the Wave Riders, followed by a yoga class.  Later did another 4 miles aerobic (7:18)  in my normal shoes to compare.  Foam rolling in the afternoon.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog -not sure how, but if you are looking for a great sneaker, I don't know if you have tried the Brooks Pure line. I have no affiliation with them, I just LOVE them. I used to wear kinvara's until I found these. They are amazing:) I wear the pure flows and the pure connects. Good luck!!

    1. I actually did try, and loved. Really loved it. But my coach would prefer I try something more substantial.

  2. I'm late to reading anything worthy but this is a timely post. I just ordered some Ghosts (we're all built differently so I'm not worried by your review) precisely because I think it's time I try "more shoe" as well. Crossing fingers that the Rides do the trick for you. And congrats for getting back to your team today. :)