Monday, December 23, 2013

Training log - Week ending 12/22/13

This week was 20 miles running, 14,000 yards of swimming, and 90 minutes on the arc-trainer mimicking easy pace running -- training log is here.  

After some debate, I opted to get a second set of PRP injections this week.  I wasn't sure I needed them, but I decided I'd rather be on the safe side.  So, a great 9 mile pain-free run in the morning was followed by an injection and crutches in the afternoon. The irony wasn't lost on me.

This time, the recovery was much quicker than before.  I was told to take it very easy for 48 hours (the platelets apparently need to settle, so the less I move, the better), and then to resume my normal activity (including running), but to take it easy.

So that's what I did.  Got the shots on Thursday at 2:00 pm, and then camped out on the couch until Saturday at 2:00 pm.  I got a whole bunch of paperwork done, caught up on my X-Men comic book backlog, and read This Town and Slow Getting Up 

The latter was darkly amusing to me, as part of the book was focused on the author's injuries and treatments in the NFL.   As he described stuff like icing injuries, ART, e-stim, physical therapy, and PRP, he made them sound like the most barbaric things in the world.  Obviously, I disagree, as I'm guessing most of my runner friends do.  Heck, seems like most people I know enjoy stim.  

All I could think of as I read his narrative was "dude - you didn't even need to pay for this stuff - that's the part that really hurts."

I also watched Blackfish, which I really strongly recommend.

It is absolutely a hatchet job on Seaworld, and has to be watched with that in mind.  But it also outlines the many issues with keeping orcas in captivity.  I really don't feel good about the human race as a species after watching that movie.  At least with regard to killer whales, due to our complete misunderstanding of their social structure and nature, we've done something very wrong.

Anyhoo, having served out my 48 hours of stall rest, I did a gentle 15 minutes on the arc-trainer on Saturday afternoon, followed by some swimming.  Everything felt OK, so I did a careful 5 miles on Sunday.  I'll continue to ramp up the running this week.


In the morning, injury prevention/rehab work and 3000 yards of swimming, including a set of 600 yards swum as 75 easy/25 hard, and then 4x100 yards on 2:00 (1:42.67, 1:40.61, 1:40.81, 1:40.34).  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, injury prevention/rehab work, 6 miles outside (8:17 pace) followed by 30 minutes on the arc-trainer. Foam rolling at night.

:   In the morning, injury prevention/rehab work, 30 minutes on the arc-trainer, and 4000 yards of swimming, including a 300 yard time trial (5:09.77) and 12x100 yards on 2:00 (splits were 1:45.75, 1:47.12, 1:46.04, 1:44.05, 1:45.00, 1:46.79, 1:46.07, 1:46.59, 1:46.52, 1:45.27, 1:46.70, 1:43.07). Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, injury prevention/rehab work, 9 miles outside (7:58 pace) and then 1250 yards swimming.  Foam-rolling mid-day; PRP injection in the afternoon.

Couch potato.

In the morning, more couch potato.  In the afternoon, did injury prevention/rehab work, 15 minutes on the arc-trainer and 1750 yards swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, injury prevention/rehab work, 5 miles running (8:22 pace), 15 minutes on the arc-trainer, and then 4000 yards swimming -  including 1000 yards straight (18:04, split as 9:07/8:57), 600 yards swum as 75 easy/25 hard, and 6x50 yards on 1:10 (48.70, 48.52, 48.91, 47.61, 46.93, 46.70). Foam rolled at night.

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