Sunday, December 29, 2013

Training log - Week ending 12/29/13

This week was 26 miles of running, 3:30 on the arc-trainer, and 12,000 yards of swimming -- training log is here.  

I tested my left hammy some this week: on Thursday I ran on a moderately hilly route; on Saturday I ran 10 miles for the first time, with some faster miles included.  So far so good.  I was stiff afterwards, but no pain during or after. 

I've been sticking with running every other day so far, but I'm going to shift to two days on/one day off this coming week.  Plus some more moderate hills and a bit more faster running.  My biggest concern right now remains making sure that I use the left leg correctly - I have a tendency to protect that hamstring, which is amplified by the fact that my left leg is noticeably weaker.  So that's my focus.

So running was happy this week, but the week was otherwise fairly sucky.    

To explain, we put Fezzik to sleep this week.  Fezzik was technically a 17 year old neutered male cat, but Brian always described him as a force of nature, and that term is more apt. 

Fezzik was best described as affectionately malevolent.  His high force headbutts were both gestures of affection and physical challenge - it was important to Fezzik to show his standing.  

In a similar vein, when Brian and I first started dating, I was warned that Fezzik would go after me at some point.  And sure enough he got me one day while I was patting him - not badly, but he drew a little blood.  That was the only time he went after me - having established our relative roles, we were now friends. 
This is one of my favorite pictures.
Fezzik, utterly entranced by Olympic dressage. 
The punchline is that there was a mouse in the next room.

[Brian told me later that this was a stamp of approval - Fezzik didn't go after people who were crazy or weird.  I like to think that the fact that it didn't bother me at all also endeared me to Brian.]

One of Fez's favorite games was to lie down in the kitchen as Brian and I were putzing around, and then to subtly maneuver his tail where one was certain to step on it.  As soon as your foot grazed his fur, he'd yowl violently and glare.  It was, after all, your fault.  :)  But Fezzik would then let the insult pass - he was a forgiving master.  

As dominant as Fezzik was, cancer was stronger.  He was diagnosed in early December, which fortunately, horribly gave us time to say good bye while waiting for Fez to say when.  

On December 24th, Fezzik said it was time.  It was Christmas Eve, but Fezzik overruled any human calendar.  So one last trip to the cat clinic, where the lead vet technician (a friend) kindly altered her vacation schedule to stay late so that she could help him a final time.

And now he's gone and it hurts.   It's such a painful convenience - no more tripping over feed bowls or litter boxes.  No more dodging tails.  There's no mound of fur to hurdle during 2:00 am bathroom runs.  

There's a hole in my heart right now, and it weighs 17 pounds and likes drinking out of dripping faucets.  

But as sad as this whole week has been, it's happy too.  Very few animals get what Fezzik had: a long, comfortable, and well-loved life, followed by a peaceful passing.  Not bad for an office park stray.  I wish more cats were so lucky.

All stories have to end.  But those that end gently, with love, are my favorites. 


Monday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 60 minutes on the arc-trainer, and 1500 yards of swimming.   Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  8 miles easy (8:01) plus 3000 yards of swimming, including 6x100 on 2:00 (1:42.25, 1:41.62, 1:45.08, 1:43.15, 1:43.76, 1:43.11) and 6x50 on 70:00 ( 48.80, 48.23, 48.99, 49.02, 49.65, 47.57) in the morning; foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:   In the morning, injury rehab work and 1750 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 8 miles running (7:55 pace), 30 minutes on the arc-trainer and 1250 yards of swimming.   Sports massage at night.

Friday:  In the morning, injury rehab work, 30 minutes on the arc-trainer, and 1500 yards of swimming.   Foam rolling at night.

Saturday:   In the morning, 10 miles (7:57 pace overall, but included about 3 miles at ~7:00 pace) followed by 45 minutes on the arc-trainer and injury rehab work.  Foam-rolling  in the afternoon.

Sunday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 45 minutes on the arc-trainer, and 3000 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling at night.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Fezzik sounds like such a funny and lovable pet.

  2. So sorry for your and Brian's loss. What a great life he must have had, master of you both.

    Caren Jew

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. Kitties are family.

  4. Really sorry to hear about your cat. It sounds like he was very lucky to have you guys as parents.