Sunday, May 4, 2014

Training log - Week ending 5/4/2014

This week was 37.5 miles of running and 3,000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here. 

The aponeurois is where the two muscles
meet, right at the pelvis.
PRP week.  Or as I like to call it – Jabapalooza 2014.  The goal behind this round was to address my right groin issues.  The formal term of the issue is "mild chronic tear of aponeurosis of adductor and rectus abdominus."  I usually refer to it as "deep stabby pain for a few days if I run downhill too fast."

It's been an annoyance for longer than I've been running (it hurts during other things, not just running downhill fast).  And additionally, I do wonder sometimes if my issues with that right adductor have been contributing to my injury cycle, and even provoking my back.  

GIven how well the PRP worked on my hammie, I decided it was worth splurging on a round of PRP to see if I could improve the groin (it's nowhere near bad enough to justify surgery).  Since I was getting PRP anyway, I also got my back done at the recommendation of PT and orthopedist  – specifically the areas around the L4/L5/S1 vertebrae.

So, showed up for the session, and Dr. Wagner suggested that I just get everything done while I was there – everything meaning that we’d also do the left hammy and right ankle/foot again.  He usually doesn’t like to do more than two sites on a patient at a session, because of patient “tolerance” for the procedure.  But apparently I’m pretty “tolerant” (I can hear everyone laughing…), we had plenty of platelets, and it wouldn’t cost me anything more to get the old places “touched up” while I was there.  So…what the heck.

(I can’t say I was thrilled about getting the ankle done again, but I couldn’t come up with a good reason not to do it, other than “it hurts.”  Which I felt silly saying, and wasn’t a good excuse.  So, away we went.)

Since I am now somewhat of a PRP connoisseur, I can state definitively – not all places hurt the same.  The groin was the big surprise – I thought that one would suck.  Nope.   Felt like three pin pricks.  Dr. Wagner said that the groin almost never hurt for anyone, as surprising as that was.  Hamstring, back, and plantar (we did the site where I’ve been having some plantar flares) were a bit ouchy, but not too bad.  The ankle sucked, but at least it sucked less than last time.  I’m guessing that's because we only did 3 shots there, not 8-9ish like last time.

The best part, in a weird way, was that the injections to the spaces between L4 and L5 provoked many of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing in my left leg – the “funky"/weak feeling in my left hammy, some dull aching down the leg, and cramping in my left foot.  It was confirmation that my issues do stem at least in part from that area, clean MRI notwithstanding.   (and yes, I know that back MRIs are unreliable and trumped by a clinical exam, but it was still nice to have the additional evidence here.)

And then I rested.  Saturday morning would have been 48 hours, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take another day off (and use the time to run errands), so I kept it to a bit less than 20 minutes of easy swimming.  I ran on Sunday, and things were predictably sore.  But I know that’s how it works.  In two weeks or so, we’ll see where I am.

In the meantime, I’ve got a trip to Chicago this coming week for work.  So, a nice opportunity to run around the lake, and practice running SLOWER while I’m there.  I’m trying to slow down my easy runs, but haven’t been terribly successful so far - I get too focused on correct posture, and start running faster inadvertently.  I’m thinking I’ll turn the Garmin’s HR alert feature back on in order to slow me down – the Garmin signal/pace indicator isn’t accurate enough to rely on.


Monday:   In the morning, 5 miles easy (8:15) and a yoga class.  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 10 miles easy (8:23 pace).  Took a yoga class in the afternoon and did some foam rolling.

Wednesday:  In the morning, 4 miles easy (8:30 pace) and then a yoga class.  Later did another 3 miles (8:27 pace), followed by 2000 yards of swimming.  Massage at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, 7 miles easy (8:34) miles easy, and then got PRP done.

Friday:  Off.

Saturday:   1000 yards of swimming in the afternoon.

Sunday:   In the morning, 4 miles easy (8:12), followed by a yoga class.  Later ran another 4 miles (8:21).  Foam rolling at night.

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