Monday, June 2, 2014

Training log - Week ending 6/1/2014

This week was 53 miles of running and 5000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.  

Yay.  Another week of relative normalcy.  Intervals, tempo, longish run.  Just like old times.   I even did a continuous track tempo on Friday; in checking my training log, I realized I hadn't done one of those since mid-March.

It feels so good to be back into training, though I’m trying not to get cocky.  I’ve been here before and then blown a tire and gone back to square 1 (or if not square 1, at least square 2.5 or so…).  

Things feel OK right now.  I can’t say I’m totally niggle free, but this may be the best I’ve felt in the last 10 months or so.  Of course, I don't know whether I feel good due to the PRP, the new taping technique for my ankle, my improved posture, my commitment to avoiding deep twists in yoga (too much stress on back), or all of the above.  Or just random chance.  But I'll take it.

The only downside of the past week was the bout of mild food poisoning I contracted during my business trip to NYC.  Thankfully, it didn’t really hit hard until the late evening, after all my obligations were done.  And it wasn’t so bad that it forced me to miss a run in Central Park during a nearly perfect morning the next day.  I’d get REALLY sick of Central Park if I had to run in it every day.  But as a once in a while treat, I love it.

The plan for the next weeks is more of the same - careful workouts and restrained easy runs.  A friend pointed out to me that the second half of Tuesday’s workout was significantly faster than my predicted “moderate effort.”  He was absolutely right, so I corrected it for Friday, really trying to keep the pace well under control.   

Of course, this control combined with my lack of fitness meant that I ended up being lapped by my normal training group during Friday's tempo.  That was a bit sad.  But, better to be wistfully sad and healthy than aggressive, overtrained, and on the cusp of injury.  And overtrained and injured is exactly where I’d be if I had tried to chase my once and future peeps.

With a long period of injury comes restraint and a bit of wisdom.  Maybe.  Hopefully I have the discipline to continue to apply the brakes as I feel better and better.


Monday:   In the morning, 1250 yards of easy swimming and a yoga class, also did some quick injury prevention work and  upper body strengthwork.  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 9 miles, including an interval workout of 2x800, 1600, 2x800. Splits were 3:15, 3:08, 6:11, 2:57, 2:54 (was later pointed out to me by a friend that I really didn’t hold back that much on the last two.  He was right.  Oops).  Followed with 1500 yards of easy swimming, and some injury prevention work.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:  In the morning, 5 miles very easy (8:50 pace) to yoga, and then the yoga class, before doing another 2 miles home (8:29 pace).  Did some foam rolling in late morning.  Food poisoning at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, 7.5 miles very easy (8:55) and a small bit of weight work at the abysmal hotel gym before giving up.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  9 miles, including a tempo workout of 6800m (~4.25 miles) in 28:56 (6:53/6:48/6:48/6:45/1:42).  The odd distance is because I decided partway through the tempo to cruise for 5 miles, but then my coach pulled me off the track, saying more than 4 was too risky right now. That’s why I have a coach, folks.  Followed with 1250 yards of swimming, and some injury prevention work.   Foam rolling in the afternoon.

Saturday:   6.5 miles very easy (8:34) then 1000 yards of easy swimming and some upper body and injury prevention work.  Foam rolling in afternoon.

Sunday:   14 miles (8:19), followed by a yoga class.  Got a massage in the afternoon

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