Monday, June 16, 2014

Training log - Week ending 6/15/14

This week was 50 miles of running and 10,000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.  

This week was a slight cutback week, at the recommendation of my PT.  I saw him on Monday for a status update (plus some dry needling), and we were both happy with where I was.  He did have one caution for me.   Though I was feeling pretty confident after a few weeks of consistent albeit conservative training under my belt, he thought I was only at the halfway point.  Basically, I've been out for so long that I really need to have racked up about 10-12 weeks without a major setback before he'll be comfortable that I'm out of the woods.  

And to that point, since I had had several good weeks, he thought it made sense for me to take a week where I cut back on the pounding a bit instead of continuing to ramp up.  I didn't need to skip workouts, and I could still race if I wanted to (though I decided I didn't feel like it).  Just cut back my overall mileage and the duration of the long run for a week or so while increasing the cross training as a way to give my still healing tissues an extra chance to recover.

So that's what I tried to do, though looking at my total mileage for the week, I could have done a better job. *insert whistling icon here*.  On Sunday, instead of doing a progressive long run I did an easy 10, followed by a swimming workout.  Wednesday's normally a running day for me, but I decided to just swim that day instead (the facts that I had to be up in MD near a pool anyway and it was raining also factored into this choice).

I was supposed to do my first hill workout of the summer with my team on Tuesday (and my PT was actually very happy about this - he thought the uphill running would be good for me, as long as I focused on good form rather than speed and was careful on the downhills).  But, my hammy ended up being a bit tight from Monday's dry needling, so I reluctantly decided to skip it.  It's really funny how, even after all the injuries I've had the past year, it still takes a LOT of willpower (and a supportive teammate) to skip a workout when things don't feel right.


Monday:   In the morning, 1500 yards of easy swimming and a yoga class.  Dry needling appointment too.

Tuesday:  In the morning, 10.5 miles very easy (8:46 pace).  Followed with 1500 yards of  swimming, and some injury prevention/upper body work.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:  In the morning, 3000 yards of swimming, including a workout of 5x(3x100 on 1:55 base), with 50 kick between each.  Splits for the 100s were all around 1:45/6 ish.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, 8 miles very easy (8:45 pace).  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  10.5 miles, including a tempo workout of 2x3200 with 800 jog between.  Ran both in 13:11 each, the first was split as 6:51/6:20, the second as 6:41/6:30.  Tried to keep these restrained and at true tempo effort, but humidity still caught up to me at the end.  Followed with 1500 yards of swimming, and some injury prevention work.    Foam rolling in the afternoon.

Saturday:   Yoga class and then 6 miles very easy (8:24).  Later did another 4.5 miles very easy (8:14 pace - ridiculous what a difference the drop in humidity made).  Sports massage in afternoon.

Sunday:   10.5 miles easy (8:12 pace), followed by 2500 yards in the pool, including 1600 yards split as 3x200, 2x175, 2x150, 2x125, 100, all with decreasing recovery. Held a consistent 1:48 pace for the intervals. Foam rolling in the afternoon.

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