Monday, May 25, 2015

Training log - Week ending 5/24/2015

This week was 84 miles of running and 4000 yards of swimming -- training log is here.

My mileage is a bit artificially inflated this week - since I raced last Saturday, I took Sunday as my non-running day, and so ran on Monday.  I also skipped Tuesday track and just ran easy miles.

Just one more hard week of training for Grandmas, and then I taper.  I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Well...except for what is either a bad case of allergies or a head cold that blew up on Sunday afternoon.  I had assumed it was allergies since I noticed it after spending a lot of time outside.  On the other hand, antihistamines aren't doing squat.

Whatever it is, I'm hoping it's a 24 hour thing.



Monday:   3 miles very easy to yoga (8:56), yoga and some upper body strengthwork, and then 4.5 very easy miles home (8:49 pace).  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  12 miles very easy (8:52), followed by injury prevention work and 1500 yards swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday: 12 miles very easy to yoga (8:54) plus drills and strides, and then another 2.5 miles very easy to the grocery store (9:07).  Massage at night.

Thursday:   6 miles very easy to yoga (9:16 pace), yoga and upper body strengthwork.  Later did another 3 miles very easy (9:15) plus drills and strides.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  12.5 miles very easy, including a long intervals workout of 3200, 1600 - splits were 12:48 (6:25/6:22) and 6:16.  Followed with injury prevention work and 1500 yards easy swimming.  Foam rolling at night.

Saturday:   12 miles very easy (9:33 pace) followed by drills and strides, and upper body strengthwork. Foam rolling in the afternoon.

Sunday:  17.5 miles, including a "4-3-2-1" workout - segments of 4, 3, 2, and 1 mile at marathon pace, each separated by one mile easy.  Splits were:

4 mile: 28:01 (7:03/6:59/6:58/7:01) ~ 7:00 pace
3 mile: 20:50 (7:03/6:54/6:53)  ~ /6:57 pace
2 mile: 13:52 (6:56/6:56) ~ 6:56 pace
1 mile: 6:55

Followed with some injury prevention work and yoga.  Later did 1000 yards easy swimming and foam rolling.

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