Monday, August 31, 2015

Training log - Week ending 8/30/2015

This week was 81.5 miles of running, 17 "miles" of pool-running and 4000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.

Good week, so yay.  This is my second week at 80-ish miles; next week is a cut-back, since I'm racing a 5K.  Then another high week at 80-85 before racing a tune-up half.

We had a break in the humidity, which opened the door for a confidence boosting workout on Tuesday.  We were scheduled for 2-3x(1600, 800) - generally one of the tougher workouts for me, since I like to drop the pace a bit on each rep of a workout.   For that reason, I prefer workouts with identical length intervals (i.e. 8x800) or downward ladders (2000, 1600, 1200, 800, 400).  Pulling back on the pace while shifting from a shorter interval to a slightly slower paced longer interval is hard for me, especially if I'm running the workouts hard. 

For this one, I was determined to get the max number of reps done, which meant that I ran the first two sets very cautiously.  For the third set, I decided to release the brakes a bit, and was pleasantly surprised to break 6 minutes for the third 1600, without straining or trying to run that fast - it just happened.  It's not a particularly ground breaking split - I used to regularly split 1600s in less than 6 minutes.  But that was all before I tore my hamstring at the attachment two years ago, and I was also running my workouts a bit too hard back then. This is the first time I've broken 6 for a (almost) mile repeat since I tore my hamstring, and to do it without straining, struggling, or racing the workout (and then to follow it up with a solid 800) was awesome.

The rest of the week was also good.  I was a bit disappointed to only do a 5K tempo on Friday.  For one thing, though I dread 8-10K tempos on the track like nothing else, I also know that the 30-40 minutes running at 10 mile/half marathon pace does great things for my fitness.  I also take a while to find my groove in track tempos, which is fine for longer tempos.  But when you've only got 12 or so laps, you have to hit pace pretty quickly.  As my splits show below, I was still a bit sluggish the first mile before finding my rhythm.  And it probably wasn't a bad thing to do a workout that was out of my comfort zone.  (I did whine a bit).

And my weekend was great.  I had a good long run on Sunday, but the real highlight was on Saturday, when our cat, Izzie (Isabella) had some visitors.

Kathy, one of the people from Healing Hands,
gave me a framed version of this photo,
featuring Izzie and the toys she managed
to steal despite wearing a cone.
As a backstory, Izzie was surrendered to a veterinary clinic in Salisbury, MD by the local Humane Society, due to severe allergies.  She was supposed to be euthanized due to those allergies, which had caused her to lose much of her fur and made her unadoptable.  But none of the vets at the clinic could bring themselves to put her to sleep, due to her youth, friendly personality, and the treatable nature of her condition.  So...she became a resident cat at the clinic, where everyone fell in love with her. 

And then, after about 9 months in a cone, when the clinic had figured out the combination of medications that controlled her allergies, they let us adopt her.  That was in February.

This past weekend, some of the employees at that clinic happened to be in town, and stopped by for a visit.  Cue several hours of playing with and spoiling Izzie - they brought two bags worth of new toys. 

It was really awesome to meet them (well, except for my sister - I knew her already...) and to have the chance to thank them for trusting us with Izzie.
Isabella, some of the crew from Healing Hands, and ALL THOSE TOYS.


Monday:   Yoga, some upperbody strengthwork and injury prevention work, and 6 "miles" easy pool-running in the morning; 3 "miles" easy pool-running and foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  13.5 miles, including 3x (1600, 800) with half distance recovery (6:16, 3:01, 6:11, 3:00, 5:59, 2:53).  Then did some injury prevention work and 1500 yards easy swimming.  Foam rolling in evening.

Wednesday: 8.5 miles very easy (9:29), followed by a yoga class and then another 6.5 miles very easy (9:07), followed by drills and four strides.   2 "miles" easy pool-running and foam rolling in the evening.

Thursday:   8 miles very easy (9:04), followed by drills, 2 strides, and a yoga class.  Later, another 2.5 miles very easy (9:06), and some upperbody strengthwork and injury prevention work.  3 "miles easy poolrunning and foam rolling at night.

Friday:  12 miles, including an 5K track tempo in 20:14 (6:41/6:26/6:23/0:44).   Followed with some injury prevention work and 1500 yards easy swimming.    Foam rolling at night.

Saturday:  12 miles very easy (8:54) plus drills and four strides, followed by upper body weight stuff and foam rolling.  3 "miles" easy pool-running in the afternoon.

Sunday:  18 miles progressive, split as 9:39 for first 3 miles, 8:40 for next 6 miles, 7:56 for next 4 miles, and 7:08 for last 5 miles.  Followed with some injury prevention work and 1000 yards easy swimming.  Yoga and foam rolling in the afternoon.


  1. If you don't mind my asking, was it your proximal or distal hamstring insertion that tore? Because I have suspicions about my distal hamstring!

  2. I think that if you're used to running your workouts as progression runs, then tossing in ones where you can't do that and have to shift gears in an unfamiliar way is exactly what you need. You alluded to that, but I think you actually have a huge opportunity if you threw in more workouts where the pace varied completely throughout the workout. In any event, looks like a very strong week! Yay for fall's impending arrival!