Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Training log - Week ending 4/19/2020

This week was 59 miles of running and 10 miles walking -- training log is here.

Another week of hiccups - on Tuesday my treadmill started shutting down repeatedly during my workout, causing me to cut that workout slightly short.  I thought the problem was fixed, but then it reoccurred on Friday, meaning that I ended up splitting the workout between indoors (first 3 hill reps) and then outside (last 5 hill reps). 

It was actually interesting to note the differences between inside and outside - there were two.

1) according to my Garmin, my ground contact time is biased to the right on the treadmill, but even outside;

2)  My paces outside are faster than those on the treadmill.  I was doing my hills at supposedly 6:40 pace on the treadmill (according to footpod), but outside they were  6:47/6:37/6:24/6:18/6:11 for the five repeats (as I got a bit more warmed up with each rep).

Pace matters very little at this point, if at all - both because I'm not racing and because hill repeats are NOT about pace, but power and good form.  But still, it's interesting to see the differential.  It supports my general approach of just playing with the controls on the mill until I hit something that feels right, and then holding that for a set time, rather than worrying about what the speed/pace supposedly is.

I ended up getting a late start for Sunday's long run, so I cut it short to ensure I was done before the masses hit the great outdoors for their essential exercise.  Even so, the second 3 miles of my planned 6 at marathon pace were disrupted by social distancing - a lot of swerving, dodging into the grass, etc.  But...again, it's the effort that counts.  Next time I just need to start earlier (or do it on the treadmill once that's working again).


Monday:  4.5 mile walk and upperbody weights/core.  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday: 12.5 miles.  Started with a hill/tempo mix of two short hills (around 70 seconds on a 4.5 incline), 6 minutes at 6:26 pace, and then the treadmill shut down.  Reset it, jumped back on, and did two more short hills, 10 minute tempo at 6:25 pace, one more short hill, and then the treadmill shut down again, and I took it outside for my cooldown.  2:30 minute jogging recovery after each hill or tempo/interval segment, except for the much longer recovery when the treadmill shut down.  Followed with injury prevention work.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday: 4.5 miles very easy (9:25), live streaming yoga, 8 miles very easy (8:47) plus drills and 2 hill strides.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday: Upper body weights/core and 5.5 mile walk.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  12 miles.  Started with an imitation Iwo Jima workout - 3 repeats of the following:

-2:00 at a strong effort on a 3.0 incline (the Iwo Jima hill averages a 3% incline)
-1:30 easy effort on a 0.5 incline
-0:30 fast on a 0.5 incline
-1:00 easy effort on a 0.5 incline.

Then the treadmill shut down again, so I drove to the real Iwo Jima monument, which was mercifully open and empty of others.  Finished the workout with 5 more repeats of approximately 2 minutes uphill, a 90 second recovery. a 30 second downhill stride, and 60 seconds down to the bottom.

Followed with leg strengthwork
Foam rolling at night.

Saturday: 10 miles very easy (9:17), drills and four strides, and live streaming yoga. Later did upper body weights/core. Foam rolling at night.

Sunday: 12.5 miles, including 12 miles progression (split as first 3 averaging 9:00, next 4 averaging 7:36, next 3 averaging 6:47, and then a socialdistancing/weaving 3 averaging 7:01) and a 0.5 mile cooldown.  Followed with streaming yoga and lower body strengthwork. Foam rolling at night.

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  1. That's super frustrating about the treadmill, but you handled it well. I agree - on the TM I just keep adjusting incline and pace until I find the sweet spot of what it should feel like. My easy runs on the treadmill are usually about 30 seconds per mile slower than they are outside. If you ever consider investing in an owned treadmill, I highly recommend the Nordic Track Commercial series.