Sunday, December 19, 2021

Training log - Week ending 12/19/2021

This week was 34 miles of running and 30 "miles" of pool-running -- training log is here.

Not a great week - felt way stiff on Tuesday, so I shut the workout down early.  Then a stressful week resulted in a lack of sleep, so I cut stuff back.  Saturday was a bit better, but then on Sunday I woke up and the world was spinning.  I'm pretty sure this was "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo" - a fancy term for a mild issue - crystals get loose in your inner ear and throw off your balance.  I did the Epley Maneuver and that seemed to improve things, but I decided to swap my long run to the pool anyway.

Next week is another week.


Monday: 8 "miles" of pool-running and streaming yoga.   Foam rolling at night. 

Tuesday: 10 miles, including a track workout of 2000, 2x1200 in 9:01, 5:11, 5:13.  Followed with leg strengthwork.  Foam rolling in evening.

Wednesday:  4 miles (10:13).   Foam rolling in evening.

Thursday: 10 "miles" of pool-running and upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling at night. 

Friday: 9 miles, including a tempo workout of 2 miles, 1 mile in 13:57 (7:01/6:56) and 6:51, with 5 minutes job plus a comfort break in between.   Foam rolling at night. 

Saturday: 7 miles (9:36), streaming yoga, and 4 miles (9:29) plus drills and strides.  Foam rolling in afternoon.

Sunday:  12 "miles" pool-running and upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling in afternoon.

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