Friday, January 21, 2011

7 WTF/Duh!/Huh? Moments/Observations About Pool Running.

So, there's a meme going around:  "7 Things About Yourself".  Since this is effectively a pool-running blog, I'm modifying to "7 Pool Running WTF/Duh!/Huh?" things.

  1. I don't really buy into the barefoot running thing in general, but I have found that it really works well for pool-running.  Far better than running shoes.  Who knew?

  2. Early on in my aircast/crutches days, when getting around was challenging, a lifeguard noted my struggles, and insisted on grabbing my aqua-belt and returning it for me, so I wouldn't have to traverse the deck.

    "Thanks, you're a lifesaver."

    "Yup, that's actually exactly what I am."

    Um, duh.

  3. You can replicate intervals, tempos, long runs, and easy runs in the pool.  I haven't yet figured out how to replicate hill repeats.  If you figure it out, let me know.

  4. Lifeguards are generally wonderful people, but a big demerit to the one who informed me that my use of an aircast was in violation of the policy against street shoes on the deck, and told me to leave it in the locker room (I won this discussion).

  5. This past Saturday, I was doing some intervals -- a somewhat elderly woman asked my pool running buddy what I was doing.  Said buddy explained that I was doing intervals.  Elderly woman then asked what charity I was doing the intervals for...

    Apparently the conversation lasted nearly the entire duration of my 5 minute interval, with said elderly woman unable to comprehend the fact that I was pool running to preserve fitness, and not marking off intervals to raise money for others.

  6. I am told that there is an outdoor pool in Colorado that stays open year round.  When temperatures drop down into the 20s and teens, the mist rises thickly from the pool, to the point where visibility is reduced and you can't even see the far end of the pool.  So, there are lights on the deck at each end for each lane to indicate a) the edges of the lane and b) the # of swimmers in the lane.

  7. The original meme made some mention about "stylish blogger."  Well, there's absolutely nothing stylish about pool-running.  Your hair will need to be redyed every 2-3 weeks, your nails will not hold polish, your skin will resemble a raisin when you're in the pool and a flour tortilla the balance of the day, and your bathing suit will fade to a uniquely nauseating shade of gray.  If you're lucky, you'll at least find a suit that fits well; if not, you'll have to settle for "covers the naughty bits", like I did.   Aqua-belts flatter no body type and the constant pressure of the belt will stimulate burping.  You sacrifice dignity for fitness.

    But, if you shift to 100% pool running, you will grow back and maintain all 10 toenails.  And that's worth something, right?


  1. #2, too funny! You forgot to mention how awesome (or slightly pregnant) your stomach looks after you take the belt off and you have to pee like an emmer effer.

  2. Nice post! A few observations:

    No non-runner knows what "intervals" are. Neither do many runners.
    I have been a happier pool runner since I bought a Wet Vest.
    The nails thing -- yes! I thought I was imagining needing to clip my nails every few days.

  3. LOL- This post totally made me laugh. And in number 8- don't forget about your hands smelling like chlorine all day. I could never seem to wash it all off.