Sunday, January 2, 2011

Training - week ending 1/02/11

End of week 8, post fracture. This week was 1 mile of “real running”, 95 “miles” pool running (per my conversion below), and 1:30 hours on the arc-trainer. -- training log is here.

A lot of odd workouts this week. Basically, I’m trying to keep my total volume up while gently transitioning back to weight-bearing and impact, so many of my workouts combined deep water pool running with the arc-trainer, shallow water jogging, and/or some walk/run combinations outside.

I did a walk/jog combo on both Wednesday and Friday (alternate walk 100m and jog 100m for 4 reps, and then finish off with 400m continuous jogging. On Wednesday, I felt fine after, but on Friday, my foot was pretty achy and sore after, as well as warm in the area of the fracture. I think I may have overdone it a touch, due to the combination of walk/jogging, arc-trainer use, and shallow water pool running.

It’s hard to know how careful to be – I know (and have been reminded by my doctor and others) that discomfort and soreness is part of the healing process at this stage. The foot felt fine the next day, but I opted to delay my next walk/jog another 24 hours, to tomorrow morning (Monday)


Monday: In the morning, “14 miles” – 2 hours pool running, including an “800s” workout of 10x3:00 at hard effort, with 1:00 recovery (went for 4:00 straight for the last), followed by full recovery and then 25 minutes at aerobic effort. I did the last 15 minutes without an aqua belt in the shallow end of the pool, for some “low impact” poolrunning. In the evening, an hour on the arc-trainer, plus a weights session with a personal trainer.

Tuesday: In the morning, “10 miles” – 1:40 hours easy pool-running, plus strength training. In the evening, another “4 miles” – 40 minutes easy pool-running.

Wednesday: In the morning, “test-jogging” on the track summing up to a half mile of jogging. Followed by “13 miles” in the pool of easy aqua-jogging, with the last 30 minutes done in the shallow end. Pilates at night.

Thursday: “16 miles” total – in the morning, “13 miles” - 1:50 hours in the pool, including a tempo workout of 2x20 minutes at tempo effort with 1 minute recovery, followed by 3 minutes at interval effort. Full recovery, and then eight intervals of 90 seconds very hard/60 seconds recovery. Followed with strength training.

In the evening, 30 minutes easy pool running for 3 more miles..

Friday: 30 minutes on the arc-trainer before a yoga class. Later a “test run” on the track summing up to a half mile of jogging, followed by “9 miles” in the pool of easy aqua-jogging, with the last 10 minutes done in the shallow end.

Saturday: “18 miles” – 2:35 hours pool running, alternating 5 minutes at tempo effort and 10 minutes easy, plus upper body weights.

Sunday: “11 miles” – 1:50 hours easy pool running.


  1. 95 "miles" in the pool. I need some time to really absorb that. Happy New Year! I still need to comment on your year end report!! :)

  2. You are a pool running MACHINE! What is amazing is your mental stamina to keep going in the pool that long. Congrats on an awesome week, and good luck getting your foot back in surface-running shape!