Monday, January 10, 2011


So, you take a few hesitant steps, then a few more.  Wait a day.

Then you repeat the process, tentatively.

And read the tea leaves of your own aches, and wait another day.

Then you test it, just a bit longer.  Still delicately, still holding your breath.

Then you wait.

Then one day, you step on the track, hit "start", and place one foot in front of the other, with a bit of suspension between each step, for a few minutes straight. 

And you walk, and you repeat.

And you walk, and you repeat.

And sometime during that third rep, you forget to look at your watch and you forget to worry about your foot and you forget that it's twenty degrees out and still dark and some idiot left hurdles out on the track.

And you remember briefly, that first bike ride, when Daddy let go of the back of the banana seat, and you were moving forward on your own.

And you want to spread your arms wide and laugh.  

"Look at ME, Daddy!  I'm RUNNING!"

(and then the Garmin tells me that the 5 minutes is up, and also tells me that I was slow and my heart rate was ridiculously high.  But damn, that was fun while it lasted.  Let's do it again.  Soon)