Friday, June 29, 2012

Your research dollars at work

So....according to RunnersWorld, consumption of beets can improve one's finishing kick substantially.

Runner's haven
According to the article, "[s]peeds were consistent for the first portions of both time trials, but subjects tended to speed up during the last 1.1 miles of the workout after eating beets, resulting in a faster overall time—five percent faster, on average."

Interesting.  But I note: beets are also supposedly one of the "top 5 natural laxatives."

I can't be the only one seeing a connection here.

Was it really necessary to research this?


  1. I've read in other places about studies that beets improve overall performance. (Actually, in the example I read, it was beet juice... very hard to find.) Didn't know that about the laxative factor, though!

  2. HAHA omg. I read the first part and thought 'yessss I love beets!!!' then I read the second part...

  3. You telling me that last year was the biggest reason I didn't start eating beets!!! :)