Monday, June 10, 2013

Training Log - Week ending 6/9/13

This week was 60.5 miles of “real running” plus 14 “miles” pool running and 1500 yards of swimming -- training log is here.  

Another week.  I've been adding in a short run on most Monday and Thursday nights, just a shakeout that also gives me a chance to do drills.  I actually feel a bit better in the mornings after doing this, usually.

This week was also notable for a mishap that happened at the end of last week.  I (rather comically) tripped during my Sunday long run and fell down, banging up my right knee and giving me some road rash.  I a) kept running right after and b) went to a concert that night - the combo of those activities seemed to keep the knee fairly flexible, and it held up to running well.

Yoga was another story.  Suffice it to say - this past week I have dreaded child's pose like never before.

Raced another mile on Sunday, running 5:35.  Still not where I want to be, but I'm getting there.  Definitely feel a bit stronger and springy. 


In the morning, 40 minutes of easy pool-running for “4 miles."  3 miles very easy (8:36) plus drills in the evening, as well as some foam rolling.

In the morning, 12.4 miles, including an interval workout of 6x800, 2x200 (ran 2:53, 2:53, 2:51, 2:48, 2:48, 2:50 and then 38 and 38).  Followed with injury prevention work and 20 minutes of shakeout pool-running.  Foamrolling at night.

:   In the morning, 10 miles very easy (9:01 pace), followed by yoga.   Later did another 5 miles (8:32 pace).  Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 30 minutes of easy pool-running for “3 miles," followed by upper body strenght work and some injury prevention work.  3.5 miles very easy in the evening (8:50), plus drills, followed by foam rolling.

In the morning, 11 miles, including an abbreviated tempo workout of 3200 (12:50, split as 6:31/6:19).  Followed with 25 minutes shakeout poolrunning. Foam rolling at night.

In the morning, 1500 yards of swimming breathing drills; foam rolling in the afternoon.

In the morning, a 3 mile warm-up and then a mile track race (5:35) with a 3 mile cool-down.  Later did another 8 miles easy.  Yoga and foam-rolling in the afternoon.

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  1. Solid stuff. I am always impressed by people who run doubles OR pool run! I ran in the pool during my stress fracture and I wanted to slit my wrists the whole time.