Monday, February 24, 2014

Training log - week ending 2/23/14

This week was 40 miles of running, 3 “miles” of pool-running and 10,000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.  

Still in limbo.  Doing easy running, taking care to make sure that I am never in pain during the run.  The mobility in my right ankle has improved a lot, and my right foot is feeling better.  Still some stiffness and pain post-run, but it’s improving, and the next-morning pain is much reduced.  Extra bonus points for my sinus infection finally clearing.

Of course, I was feeling really positive, until I visited my parents, sister, and horse on Saturday.  Visit itself was great (especially getting taken out to eat – thanks Mom and Dad!), but every trip to my parents’ place involves a total of 4 hours in the passenger seat of Brian’s car.  And sure enough, the next morning my hamstring wasn’t happy.  Stiff, and not firing correctly.  It’s not that the hamstring isn’t healed, but that it gets reaggravated by simple things – indicating an underlying problem that hasn’t been fixed.  So that’s my mission – to figure this out once and for all (and "this" includes both the hamstring and foot, which have to be linked to some extent).

In the meantime (which is really what my “training” is right now – “meantime”) I’ll stick to the easy running and hard swimming – I have confidence that that’s keeping me in decent shape.  It’s great to at least be running.  But I’m not where I want to be.

There’s a Walt Whitman quote that’s quoted in an TV ad that’s getting a lot of airplay – something about life being a play, and “you get to contribute a verse.”   Which is lovely, but right now my running pen ain’t working.


Monday:   In the morning, injury rehab work and 3500 yards swimming, including 6x200y on 4:00, followed by 7x50y on 1:00, all at “cruising” effort (splits were 3:32.40, 3:31.61, 3:30.14, 3:29.29, 3:27.12, 3:26.77, and 48.19, 49.70, 49.52, 49.97, 50.27, 50.42, 52.49).   PT in the afternoon.

Tuesday:  In the morning, injury rehab work, 4.5 miles easy (8:33 pace), yoga, and 30 minutes of easy pool-running.  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:   Injury rehab work, 6.5 miles easy outside (8:11 pace) and a yoga class.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 5 miles easy (8:13 pace) and 3000 yards swimming, including an interesting workout – 3 sets of 3x100y on 2:00 at hard effort, with each set divided by a set of 3x100y on 2:20 at “as slow as you can go with good form” effort; followed by 6x50y on 70. 
(Splits were: 1:38.46, 1:39.56, 1:39.13;  1:37.52, 1:38.90, 1:39.60;  1:38.70, 1:39.93, 1:39.36; and then 49.53, 50.94, 49.49, 48.24, 49.22, 49.03).  Foam rolling at night.

Friday:  In the morning, injury rehab work, 8 miles running easy (8:11), followed by yoga.  Foam rolling at night.

Saturday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 7 miles easy (8:08 pace) and 1500 yards of swimming.  Foam-rolling  in the evening.

Sunday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 9 miles outside easy (8:15), and 2000 yards of swimming.  Foam rolling and restorative yoga at night.

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  1. Ha! My running pen hasn't been working very well, either!