Monday, March 3, 2014

Training log - week ending 3/2/14

This week was 48 miles of running and 8,000 yards of swimming  -- training log is here.  

Still in runningbutnottraining mode.  Which is frustrating, but it could be worse.  The good news is - I think I'm making more progress towards figuring out exactly what is "off" with me. 

It's all deceptively simple.  Lets say, hypothetically, that you have a tight hamstring.  So, logically you focus your rehab efforts, your stretching and foamrolling and ART, on that hamstring.  And in doing so, you forget about other things.  More time foamrolling the hamstrings and calves means less or no time spent on the front - the quads and hip flexors and shins.

But...if you think about it, when the muscles on the front side (hip flexors and shins) get tighter and shorter, that means that the muscles on the back side (hamstrings, calves) are working against resistance.  It's no wonder that those same muscles then keep getting tired and strained and sore.

And of course, you just focus more and more attention on the backside, while ignoring the front, and the issue gets worse.

In totally related news, getting my hip flexors and quads treated with dry needling and ART has done a lot of good for the hammy.  And working on my shins seems to make my feet a bit happier.  Whoda thunk it?

It's not a total answer.  But it's part of it.  I have a running gait analysis scheduled for this week - hopefully that will untangle more of the mystery of why my gait is so off.

In other news, I had a work trip to Tampa this week.  Normally, I HATE traveling for work.  But this past week, I was OK with it.  There are worse things than an easy 10 miler on a sidewalk next to a beach in 48 degree weather.  And the hotel fitness room even had foam rollers - SCORE.
From Google Earth.  This was my Friday morning run.  Only difference was that I got to watch the sunrise.


Monday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 3 miles easy (8:16 pace), and 3000 yards swimming.   Swimming workout was 3 sets of 3x100y on 2:00 at hard effort, with each set divided by a set of 3x100y on 2:20 at “as slow as you can go with good form” effort; followed by 6x50y on 70.  Splits for the fast stuff were 1:38.04, 1:38.25, 1:38.54;  1:37.40, 1:37.87, 1:37.86; 1:37.10, 1:37.90, 1:37.69, and then  47.92, 48.96, 48.00, 48.42, 48.14, 47.54.  Foam rolling at night.

Tuesday:  In the morning, injury rehab work and 9 miles easy  (8:12).  Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday:   Injury rehab work, 5 miles easy outside (8:26 pace) and a yoga class.  Also dragged luggage around airport and did a bit of foam rolling at the hotel.

Thursday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 8.5 miles easy outside (8:29 pace), followed by some foam rolling and upper body strengthwork.

Friday:  In the morning, injury rehab work, 10.5 miles running easy outside (8:05), followed by some foam rolling.  Also dragged luggage around airport.

Saturday:   In the morning, injury rehab work and 3000 yards of swimming, including intervals of 250/200/150/100/50 at cruising effort on the 2:00 base (splits were ?, 4:35.48, 3:35.96, 2:37.01, 1:44.90, 52.77).  Foam-rolling  in the afternoon.

Sunday:   In the morning, injury rehab work, 12 miles outside (8:08 pace), a yoga class, and 2000 yards of swimming.  Massage at night.

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